How To Prevent Memory Loss » Best Ways To Prevent Memory Loss

How To Prevent Memory Loss » Best Ways To Prevent Memory Loss

How To Prevent Memory Loss » Best Ways To Prevent Memory LossEasily getting lost, forgetting names, misplacing keys, going to the kitchen but not realizing why you went there; all these can be daily life trivia or they might even be symptoms of memory loss.

Memory loss can occur as a normal aging process or it may also be due to sudden trauma as well as serious mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Memory loss prevention in unforeseen events like trauma is not possible. But in case of aging and its related mental conditions, steps can be taken to keep the brain active and prevent memory loss.

Eat Variety of Food To Prevent Memory Loss

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to get an abundant supply of antioxidants which curbs brain cell damage. Omega 3 is also known to improve vascular health which improves the blood flow to the brain. Improved blood flow leads to better oxygen supply to the brain cells leading to better brain health.

Foods like tuna, salmon, walnuts, etc are rich sources of Omega 3. A surprising candidate on the palette which has been linked to enhanced brain health is turmeric (the yellow spice which is an integral part of curry). Studies, though inconclusive, indicate Vitamin B to confer brain benefits as well.

Exercise To Prevent Memory Loss

Numerous researches and studies have revealed that exercise helps boost brainpower. Physical activity not only helps prevent cognitive degeneration but also reduces deterioration in people who have already developed the symptoms of memory loss. Exercise improves brain cell formation in all ages.

It also reduces stress and prevents diabetes and cardiovascular diseases which can all contribute to memory loss. Some findings indicate that underwater swimming also greatly improves the blood flow to the brain leading to increased IQ, attention span and general awareness.

Flex Your Bain Muscles As Well To Prevent Memory Loss

Exercising your brain muscles will save them from getting rusted. Play games that ruffle your grey matter. Solve crosswords; play sudoku, scrabble or strategy games like chess; read magazines and newspapers regularly. Challenge yourself to something new: learn a new language, recipe, knitting or anything which puts your mind to work.

Get Plenty of Sleep To Prevent Memory Loss

Sleep deprivation leads to increased stress, anxiety and depression which all lead to decline in brain health. It also slows down the formation of neurons in the hippocampus which is the first region to be affected by Alzheimer’s.

Get Organized To Prevent Memory Loss

Keep your surroundings clutter free. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ should be your mantra in life. Maintain ‘to-do’ lists, mark appointments and important dates on the calendar, diary or electronic organizer. Set up alarms or enlist the help of friends and family to remind you of important tasks. Being on top of things in everyday life will reduce the frustration of forgetfulness and prevent deterioration of mental health.

Get Involved To Prevent Memory Loss

Socializing is also believed to be beneficial in warding off memory loss. Being in the company of relatives and friends gives you happiness, reduces depression due to loneliness and gives you challenges and activities to keep the wheels of your brain churning.

Keeping yourself well hydrated, reduced drinking, no smoking and volunteering for a noble cause are some other tips to give you the overall physical and emotional well being that can help prevent memory loss.

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