How To Prevent Pressure Sores

How To Prevent Pressure Sores

How To Prevent Pressure Sores - Symptoms Of Pressure Sore - Causes Of Pressure Sore - Tips for Avoiding Bed Sores » Ways to Prevent Pressure SoresPressure sore refers to a kind of skin problem in which the skin gets affected due to restricted blood flow to that particular area. Redness of the skin, blisters, swelling and even discoloration of skin are some symptoms associated with pressure sores.

You must have often heard of pressure sore by other common names like a bed sore or a skin sore. Lack of mobility, malnutrition, incontinence and certain problems like diabetes are some of the causes associated with pressure sores.

This article will provide you with some simple tips by which you can prevent this problem of pressure sores.

People who are bed ridden and who lack mobility often face the problem of pressure sores. Thus, one thing you must ensure is to frequently change your sitting and sleeping positions so that you don’t end up with a bed sore. You can use proper pillows and mattress to avoid certain body parts and skin from getting pressurized.

To prevent pressure sores, you must keep your skin dry. Moisture can make your skin vulnerable to inflammation and skin infections. Properly dry your skin after its thorough cleansing and apply powder as that is beneficial in keeping the skin clean and dry.

You should try to wear loose clothes, especially in hot and humid conditions where there are possibilities of excessive sweat leading to the problem of pressure sores.

There are many people who are unable to control their bladder. Such people should use pads and diapers and keep their skin dry and clean as any small bit of urine left on the skin too can lead to formation of a pressure sore.

Have a well balanced and a nutritious diet which contain all the essential nutrients. In addition, keep your body well hydrated by having adequate water.

Follow the above given tips to naturally prevent the problem of pressure sores.

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