How to Prevent Your Puppy from Jumping Upon People

How to Prevent Your Puppy from Jumping Upon People

How to Prevent Your Puppy from Jumping Upon People - Jumping Puppy - Why Puppies Jump on People | Tips on - Find TipsDogs often jump up on people. It is their natural behavior. They stand on their hind legs with the front paws on the people. They jump on their litter mates or mother as a part of a play. This may help to prove their dominance among fellow puppies. Some people encourage this behavior as a sign of affection. It is wrong. It may be a sign of affection when the puppy is small. But it would be terrifying when an adult dog weighing 30-40 kg jumps up on you. Some people shout NO or use some other words to prevent it. But dog cannot understand the meaning. Some people punish the dog. But the animal doesn’t know why they got punished. Moreover it would create some behavioral problem to the dog. This behavior can be eliminated within a week. You need not use any word simply communicate to the dog that this behavior is not acceptable and should not be done.

Body Block

When the dog tries to jump on you turn sideways and extend your legs to dog’s space and prevent him from placing his paws on you. Once dog place his paws on you he won and you lost. When the dog stands on four legs ask him to sit. Then praise him and say good words. Dog can understand that when the owner would appreciate his action and he would get attention.

If dog jumps on you and you do not get time to prevent him, don’t push him away. He would think that you are playing. You need not say any word, don’t give any attention, and simply go away. When the dog has all four legs on floor ask him to sit and give reward.

Alternate behavior

Some people teach alternate behavior to prevent this jumping up character. Some teach dog to sit when the door bell rings or to fetch a toy when they have a visitor. The guest would appreciate you and your pet for this positive behavior.

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