How To Raise A Well Behaved Child & Tips to Help Children Behave » How to Raise Well Behaved Children

How To Raise A Well Behaved Child & Tips to Help Children Behave » How to Raise Well Behaved Children

How To Raise A Well Behaved Child & Tips to Help Children Behave » How to Raise Well Behaved ChildrenSocial situations demand responses .These responses are judged according to norms. Adherence to these norms is termed as good behaviour, whereas divergence is looked down on. Children have to be taught social behavior, and this message should not be introduced by beating the child to a pulp.

When a child misbehaves or causes social embarrassment ,the key is not to lose your own temper. If adults give in to temper tantrums then how can we advise children to control theirs? Keeping calm is the solution to this problem. When you stay calm without provocation your sense of calm pervades the whole atmosphere and the child too feels that energy. You have to make the conscious decision to keep your cool. Your angst needs to be channelized for the greater good.

When an individual is perturbed the “fight or flight” response takes over .This results in bad behavior if the child does not get his way. The parent’s reliance on corporal punishment to make him follow social niceties may damage a child’s forthrightness and may make him withdraw into his shell.

Maintain your self respect. If a child walks in to the room, acting rude, simply ignore him till a more polite form of speech is used. This practice of ignoring his demands ,getting busy with your own chores and not giving him attention till he is polite works wonders. The child will get reinforced with this ideal that if I talk rudely, my needs will not be satisfied. The politeness will be ingrained in his character.

Parents and caregivers have to be good role models themselves. Giving birth to a child is relatively easier than bringing up a responsible and dutiful adult. Children learn by imitating the world around tem and the caregiver is the pivot of their existence. Naturally observant they observe adults interacting with each other. Their harsh critic’s eye dwells on details .If adults behave improperly with others ,they do the same. What you sow, you reap. If you do not plan to wear a crown of thistles then bring forth honey with your nurturing efforts.

Balance is the linchpin in discipline. The seesaw effect works on praise and blame alike. Too much criticism will ruin a child’s self esteem where too little ill make him defiant. Too much praise on the other hand may result in an overbearing and supercilious attitude, whereas too little may make him seeking approval from all quarters. Refine your language as a parent. Pare all negatives ,like never ,always and tone down the attitude in voice as verbal cues are the first that catch their consciousness.

Rewarding good behavior and reinforcing it goes a long way. Promises and rewards for good behavior should be fulfilled to make the child feel valued. Withholding privileges when his behavior is not to the benchmark will uphold your importance to good behavior.

If the child is in his full flow of his outburst ,the best alternative is to leave the vicinity after making sure ,that he cannot hurt himself. A strongly intonated “no” can also help gain his attention. Cause and effect factors can be use to enforce good behavior. If he breaks a toy during his tantrums he will not be able to play with it. Use examples to instill these in their growing minds.Repitation of models of good behavior can be used but this should not become comparisons for the child .They may feel their position is threatened hence, more unacceptable behavior.

Nurturing a seed and coaxing it to become a strong rooted tree requires diligence and care. Work towards the betterment of self and consequently the child. Though the way may be full of obstacles and difficulties, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will be well worth the effort.

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