How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor - Tips to Refinish a Hardwood Floor by Staining - Tips to Refinish a Hardwood Floor by Finishing | Tips on - Find TipsRefinishing a hardwood floor is a hard job. It requires a lot of patience. You can also hire people for this job. Sanding is the first process of refinishing a floor. It will give you a smooth and beautiful floor. Sanding with different grains of sand paper from heavy grain to light grain will give a good finish to the floor. Once you have completed the sanding then you have to decide whether you need staining or simply leave the floor with its natural tone. Staining the floor will give a shining appearance.

Staining the Floor

1. First of all you have to remove all the dust from the floor. You can use vacuum cleaners or tack rag for this purpose. Your final finish of the floor depends on the cleanliness of the floor before staining. So it is necessary to keep the floor extremely neat.

2. Open the doors and windows of the room and give good ventilation to the room. Now use a rag and apply a little of the stain on a corner that is not exposed easily. Let the stain dry for five minutes and check the color of the floor. If you are gratified with the color then you can start the job. If not then change the stain color and repeat the process till you get a good color.

3. Give first coat of stain to your floor. You can use a brush for getting darker and heavier coats and then smooth en it with rags. If you prefer a lighter shade then use a rag that will help you to get a control over the application process rather than using a brush.

4. While applying stain go for long and even strokes along with the wood grain. Once the first coat gets dry apply a second coat or just give a touch up and let them dry.

Finishing the Floor

1. Use polyurethane for doing the finishing work. Stir the mix slowly and be careful to avoid bubbles. This is because bubbles will affect the final finish of your floor.

2. You can use roller or brush for applying the polyurethane and be careful to make strokes along with the grain. Let it dry for about three hours.

3. Apply a second coat and let it dry completely. It may take one to three days for setting the room again.

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