How to Remove a Splinter

How to Remove a Splinter

How to Remove a Splinter - Manicure Scissors or Tweezers - Tips to Remove a Splinter Carefully - Splinter Infections | Tips on - Find TipsMost of us have had a splinter in our skin or at least removed one. Keep these tips in mind the next time you do so.

Examine it carefully. Before attempting to remove it carefully examine as to how deep it is and if you should go to a doctor or remove it your self. Splinters in the eye or any such delicate part of the body should be dealt with by a doctor.

Anti bacterial soap. If the splinter has not gone in too deep then wash the area with anti bacterial soap. Be careful while wiping it. Make sure the splinter does not go further in.

Hydrogen peroxide. A solution of an equal amount of water with an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide will make the splinter come out. If not you could try putting half an ounce of peroxide on the splinter without water.

Manicure scissors or tweezers. Sterilize the tweezers or scissor by holding it’s tip to an open flame for about 15 seconds. Make sure you do not hold it over the flame for too long as you may burn the skin while trying to remove the splinter. Make very slow movements and pull out the splinter with the use of the scissors or tweezers. Pull the splinter to the same side that it points to. If the protruding end points to the right, pull the splinter to the right so that it does not break and leave part of it inside the skin.

Medical help. If the splinter does not come out wait a day or two as many splinters do come out eventually. You could apply an antibiotic cream on the area. Keep an eye on it so that you can monitor if there are any developments. However if it is thick and particularly dirty, show it to a doctor as some splinters may cause infections and inflammation.

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