How to Remove Ink Stains from Fabric

How to Remove Ink Stains from Fabric

How to Remove Ink Stains from Fabric - Tips for Cleaning the Ink Stain - How to Deal with Ink Stain - Stain Fighters | Tips on - Find TipsAn ink stain is one of those things that can ruin an otherwise perfect day. Most of us think that once an item gets an ink stain it’s ruined forever. That thought is wrong, a leaking pen or dropped printer cartridge doesn’t have to be the end of the world. All you have to do is keep your wits about you and you can make that ink stain disappear.

Act Quickly

The worse thing you can do is wait to deal with the ink stain. The quicker you are to start cleaning the ink stain, the better your chances of being able to completely clean the stain. If you are going to be doing something that an ink stain is probable, like changing the ink in your printer cartridge, you should have all of the items you will need to clean the stain on hand. You’ll find that you are less likely to spill the ink if you are prepared for an ink stain.

Cold Water and a Sponge

Use a wet sponge and dab at the ink stain with cold water. The sponge will help absorb the stain, drawing it out of your clothing or carpet. If you don’t have a sponge handy, a damp paper towel will work almost as well. If you are using paper towel to blot the stain, make sure you constantly keep changing to a fresh towel, using the same piece of paper towel will cause the stain to spread. Never rub an ink stain, you should only blot.

When you are satisfied that you have removed the stain, allow the area to air dry. Blowing on the area will simply set any remaining ink particles into the fibers of the fabric.

Travel Sized Stain Removers

Purchase one of those pen sized tubes that are filled with stain fighters. These little contraptions are wonderful when you are dealing with an ink stain and every other kind of stain. Not only should you keep one in your purse or briefcase, but you should also keep an additional one tucked in your car’s glove box. They are a great investment.

Use Hairspray

Hair spray is an excellent product when you are trying to remove an ink stain. Coat the stain with a layer of hair spray and then dab at the stain with a clean cotton ball. You will be amazed at how easily the stain lifts form the fabric.

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