How to Repair a Running Toilet

How to Repair a Running Toilet

How to Repair a Running Toilet - Tips to Repair a Running Toilet - Repairing a Running Flush | Tips on - Find TipsRunning toilet may lead to lot of water wastage. Repairing a running flush is not a difficult task. You can correct it by knowing how they work.

1. Take the lid of the toilet flesh tank and keep it away from your working area.

2. Check the inside of the flesh tank and there will be a valve attached to a float. It may be a plastic canister or long rod attached with either of a plastic or metal ball. If water is coming from this valve then it needs repair or cleaning.

3. Remove the cover of the ball cock and so the four screws holding the top plate of ball cock. Then you can see a diaphragm made of rubber. Check the condition of the diaphragm. It may contain hard water deposits, gravel, rust etc that may cause the leak. If so clean the diaphragm and keep it in its position. If the diaphragm id damaged then you have to replace it with a new one.

4. Turn the water supply on and flush the valve just to get a flow of water for a few seconds. Then cut the water supply again and screw the top plate. Now you can turn on the water supply and check for further leak.

5. If your tank has more leaks then observe the bottom of the flesh tank and find out the tank flap. It may be a red or black cone made up of rubber that fits in to the hole of the tank. Once you get the tank flap then press it down on the edges. If the water is not running in the bowl, it means that the flap is damaged and need replacement.

6. Now cut the water supply to the toilet and flush the toilet to remove the water that is present in the tank. If you want the tank flap to be changed then take the flesh tank to a plumping supply shop or hardware shop and get a correct replacement. Remove the assembly of the tank flap and take the flap out. It may be either hook type or clamp type assembly. Replace it with a new one and turn on the water supply and check for further leak.

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