How to Repair Squeaky Bed Springs

How to Repair Squeaky Bed Springs

How to Repair Squeaky Bed Springs - Repair Squeaky Bed Springs - Tips to Repair the Squeaky Bed - Tips to Repair Squeaky Bed Springs | Tips on - Find TipsRepair Squeaky Bed Springs

Bed will be the place you like most and you want to take a good sleep to relieve from all tensions of the day. If you have a squeaky bed then it may be one of the most annoying problems you may be having. It will disturb your sleep and keep dull in the next morning. This squeaks may be due to lack of lubrication or due to unstable spring compressions. You can avoid this night mare by yourself.

Tips to Repair the Squeaky Bed

1. If you have squeaky bed then found out the cause by considering things like the life span of your bed if it is seven years or more, whether your children used to jump on the bed etc. Most probably the springs need repair.

2. Check the position of the mattress whether it is placed in the centre on the top of the box springs or it is knocked down while making the bed. If so keep it on the center and this will stop the sound.

3. If you have a metal bed frame you have to carefully unscrew the nuts and bolts of the bed frame. Remove nuts in such a manner that you are taking one at a time and wrapping them in a sealant tape. Place an additional plastic washer in between the existing lock washer and the frame to make the bolts tighten.

4. If you have a wooden bed frame then take out all the screws and run a bar soap over the screw to fill the grooves of the screw or wrap the screw with a sealant tape. This will help the screw to tighten better than before.

5. Use some lubricants in the metal springs and in the hinges of the bed. You can also use vegetable oil for this. This will help you to avoid the sounds caused by the rusting of the metal.

6. Also check the legs of the bed and find out whether they are even or not. Also tight the screws of the bed legs that attach the legs to the frame.

If none of these are working then most probably you have to change the box spring or the bed frame.

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