How to Replace a Light Switch

How to Replace a Light Switch

How to Replace a Light Switch - How to Replace a Defective Electrical Switch - Replacing an Electric Light Switch | Tips on - Find TipsMost of you may come across a nonfunctional light switch in your life. If you have such a problem then there is no need to call an electrician. You can do it on your own. While doing this you must be very careful and you have to ensure your safety also. The following steps will help you to replace your light switch.

How to Replace a Light Switch

1. At first you have to turn off your mains that control the electric supply to the switch and place board on the box to make others know that you are doing work on the switch. This will help you to avoid accidents.

2. There might be a cover plate that holds your switch and it will be fixed with screws. You have to remove these screws with the help of a screw driver and remove the plate. Be careful to keep the screw in a safe place.

3. Now take off the mounting screws that hold the switch in position and pull out the switch from the wall. The switch now comes out revealing few inches of wires.

4. Use a tester and check whether there is any electric current flowing to the switch. If not then you can continue your work. The two wires that come out along with the switch will be attached to the switch through screws. Remove the screws that attach the wire and switch. Make sure which wires are detached properly.

5. Join the wires to the rear side of the switch according to the tags that you made before. Fix the new switch to the position with the mounting screws and keep the switch cover back in position and screw it properly. Never forget to clean the area around the switch because it may get your finger marks at times.

Turn on the mains and check whether the light switch is working or not. If not there might be some loose connections while attaching the wires to the switch. Then you may have to do the entire job again.

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