How to Replace the Ceiling Light

How to Replace the Ceiling Light

How to Replace the Ceiling Light - Tips to Replace a Ceiling Light - Changing Ceiling Light | Tips on - Find TipsCeiling Light

Like other lights the ceiling lights too have the same electrical connections. The most difficult part of this job is connecting the wire while holding the lamb with one hand. You can over come this difficulty if you have a helper to help you by holding the light. If you didn’t get anybody to help you then also you can work. The following steps may help you to replace the ceiling light.

Tips to Replace a Ceiling Light

1. Disconnect the power supply to the light and ensure your safety while working. Also place a board on the mains that indicates somebody is working with switches and it may help you to avoid accidents.

2. Hold the fixture of the ceiling light from the bottom and unscrew all the screws that fix the light to the ceiling using a screw driver.

3. Take the ceiling light to a little lower and thus expose the wires that connect the light. These wires may be attached to the light through nuts and now you have to unscrew these nuts and keep the old light aside. While unscrewing the nuts note which wire is connected to which wire of the light and tag the wires.

4. Using a wire stripper take off half inch of the installation from the new fixture’s wire tip. This will help you to make the connection properly.

5. Now take the new light fixture towards the ceiling and join the “neutral” of the new fixture and that coming out of the wall with the help of the nuts. It might be normally in white or gray colored wires. Also connect the hot wire of the fixture and the incoming hot wire from the wall. Pull the wires hard to make sure the connections.

6. Insert the wires in to the box in the ceiling and screw the new light in to the position of the old one. If the mounting holes of the new light dose not match with the old then you have to drill new holes for mounting the new light.

Now turn on the power supply and the light to see whether it is working or not.

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