How To Resolve A Family Crisis

How To Resolve A Family Crisis

How To Resolve A Family Crisis - Useful Tips For Working Women » Things A Working Woman Must Do To Solve Family CrisisThere was a time, not much long back, when we used to come across most of the women who were primarily house wives. They were engaged in numerous activities of their household, from arranging for the soiled clothes of the total house to be put aside for washing, looking after the seniors at home, supervising the servants and assigning them the work they are supposed to carry out, looking after the various needs of their kids, cooking food for the family, taking care of their husbands and a lot more.

Thus, at the end of the day, they did not have time for themselves. But, this is also quite true that most of them were happy with their lots. But they did not complain much. At the other end of the string, it is quite debatable whether they got back the due recognition they demanded for the unparalleled labor they invested for their respective families. Most of the times they were taken for granted, in such a way that, even the slightest mistake on their part seemed as if a mountain had crashed down.

But, women today are different. Their periphery of life has now changed a great deal, which is reflected in their view towards the world. They are now holding equal, rather higher and valuable designations in many respectable and heavy weight jobs than men too. They are found in every professional arena, which have been dominated by men so far.

Not only are those, today’s housewives too, are not mere house wives. They are homemakers who look after their family as well as take important and active roles in many of the decision makings of the family. In this respect it is also true that the outlook of men have also changed, who, now, no longer consider women as subordinates but their partners, life partners in the true sense.

Problems of working women

But one thing must be said in this regard. Managing dual roles is indeed a difficult job. Holding a responsible position in the corporate world and managing several meetings, delegations and project submissions, together with tending to the obvious needs of the family, is not a matter of joke. A woman, successful in both the roles, is quite a challenging job. In most cases what happens is that, in the attempt to cater to some of the very crucial work of the family, an important work at office is neglected or the dead line is never reached in time. This creates a really bad impression in a corporate sector.

Again, women who prioritize their professional world more, often neglect their family. This is also not done, as, being the mother, being the wife, women have certain obvious duties, which cannot be put down. That way all the closest of relations will tend to drift away from you, making you lonely at the end of the day. There are certain wise ways, by which you can learn the tricks of time management to resolve these personal and professional crisis and lead the dual roles successfully.

Understand the importance of time management

It is most vital to realize the role of time management. Always consider that you are to play dual roles at a time. So, never leave any important work for tomorrow, if it is indeed essential. That way you will never be able to each your target in time and miss out on dead line in office or a crucial work at home too. Suppose you know that your kid’s second polio vaccination will be for a whole week. Never leave it for the end of the week. You might miss it or land yourself up in mess during that time, managing an important meeting in office together with attending the last date of vaccination. Prioritize the matter and complete it. The same thing goes for office works too. Understand the importance of the work and apply time management skills accordingly.

Schedule the work you are supposed to do

A good idea of remembering whatever you are supposed to do, both in the home front and office, is to prepare a list of it, beforehand, at the start of the month. Though it might sound funny, but trust me, it’s really helpful. Being engrossed in dual roles, and trying to tend to every possible need of your family, together with the obvious work responsibilities, can often make some of the ‘supposed to be done in time’ tasks slip out of your mind completely. If it is something related to you office, then wait for the impending from your senior! Or else, if it is something related to your family, then it is obvious that you have paved in a way for your family members to complain that you are neglecting family life and taking them for granted.

Divide your work

The key factor of being successful in any role is to ensure that you do not take up too much job than what you can handle. Develop a farsightedness about your own abilities before committing for more work loads and responsibilities. If you fail to live up to the heightened expectation that might have got created due to you commitments, both in the home front and professional front, can make you a total failure and land you up in great embarrassment, if you cannot do everything as you promised. So, the best way is to divide the job and do your part perfectly, so that you do not leave any option for complaining.

In office, if you think that your colleague will be a good assistant to you in a project, always be open to such proposals. Or if you see that too much of work is being thrust upon you, which you will surely fail to complete in time, speak up clearly at the spot, but in a polite manner obviously, expressing a logical reason for your incapability. Similarly, in home too, if you think that there is a particular work, which can be managed by your husband or other members of the house, be free to lend out your responsibilities. For instance, if you find your regular dropping and picking up the kid from his school is hampering you office hours in both the times, speak freely with your husband or other family members and reach for an amicable and logical solution.

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