How to Reuse Old Socks

How to Reuse Old Socks

How to Reuse Old Socks - Uses for Old Socks - Cleaning with Old Socks - New Uses for Old Socks » Uses of SocksWho says that socks can only be used for your feet? There are various other creative and interesting uses of socks and you can use your creativity to make socks an important household item.

Also, there are often many orphaned and old socks in every house which are usually thrown away. However, this article will show you how you can use socks for various household purposes.

Old and orphaned socks can be used as a furniture polish cloth. You can use them to polish your brass and wooden furniture and you can also use old socks as a soft cloth to clean your car with.

If you are planning to shift to a new house or if you are furnishing your house, you can use socks to prevent your floors getting damaged by the movement of furniture. All you need to do is to put socks over the legs of your furniture like sofa set and tables so that they don’t harm your floor.

Also, you can put certain breakable stuff in your socks to protect them. Another way of utilizing socks is by using them as a safety and a pack material for your shoes. Just pack your shoes in socks and you can prevent them from dust and damage.

As a child, you must have hung your socks on a Christmas tree and waited for Santa to fill your socks with gifts. Taking from that idea itself, socks can be used as a container for household items.

For instance, you can creatively decorate your socks and use it as a holder or container for small things like pens and stationery which often gets misplaced in our house. You can also fill up socks with ice and then use them as an ice pack.

Thus, use your creativity and follow the above given ideas and tips to use socks for various household purposes.

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