How To Reverse Hair Loss

How To Reverse Hair Loss

How To Reverse Hair Loss - How to Prevent Hair Loss - How to Reverse Baldness - Hair Transplantation Side Effects » 3 Ways to Reverse Hair Loss – Get Back the Hair You Once HadUnrestricted hair loss causes baldness. Plushy hairs on the scalp add to the personality. Many times the baldness may even strain personal relationship. To avoid this, the best approach is to restrict and reverse the trend of hair loss. Here are the three ways suggested to reverse the hair loss trend:

1. Take multivitamins: Multivitamins are good for the general health of the person. In addition to this, the multivitamins also help to grow more hair. But the better choice would be take such vitamins which are specially designed for preventing hair loss.

Vitamin B6 is very essential to reverse the DHT which is the main reason for causing hair loss. In addition to Vitamin B6, there are other minerals/vitamins like Biotin, Zinc and Magnesium which are very essential for the body to prevent hair loss. So take such medicines which are specially designed to prevent hair loss instead of multivitamins. This is because Vitamins alone cannot restrict hair loss.

2. Application of Minoxidil: Minoxidil marketed by Rogaine or Loniten is a topical solution which is required to be applied twice a day on the balding areas. This topical solution reduces the effect of DHT and thereby helps to supply blood to those areas.

As a result follicles there become active and hair starts growing. But there are certain drawbacks. It costs about $40 – $80 and it lasts for about a month. It has to be continued to be used as long as the user finds good results. Normally, it takes quite some months before hair starts appearing on the scalp.

3. Transplantation: Hair transplantation is the next procedure suggested. But the cost is the prohibiting factor. It takes about $10,000 for transplantation. There are some serious side effects of transplantation.

What method is to be used to get back the hair is left to the discretion of the individual. It depends on the severity and his purse and such other facts. If hair loss is due to some infections like dandruff, etc., then it is easy to get it cured. But if it is due to any other reason, better take the opinion of the physician.

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