How to Say I Love You

How to Say I Love You

How to Say I Love You - How to Propose a Girl/Boy - Express your Feelings | Tips on - Find TipsRemember all the emotional and physical feelings you had for your partner when you met her/him for the first time. Think of all the feelings you had when you saw him/her for the first time.

Everyone wants there partner to be as truthful as possible. When you express yourself in front of her don’t forget the magic word, I love you. Express your partner’s looks and good things in the most romantic way you can put across to her. Making eye contact in love is very important. In your busy life may be you have forgotten to do this. So have eye-contact this is the first step towards love. Use voice modulation to express your feelings.

Take flowers and bouquet as a mark of love. It can be plastic ones if you want them to be long lasting or a real flower or bouquet which is scented which is seductive. This may help you to receive a yes from your partner’s side.

If you already know that person, then buy chocolates, candies and sweets which your lover likes. Your lover will be elated to see these things. Pick and choose only those things which your lover likes.

Some good gifts for your partner before you propose could be wrist watches, brooch, bracelet, good dresses, diamond ring, gold ornaments etc.

Be cautious about what you are speaking. Have a couple of dry runs before you propose to your partner. Be cautious about her likes and dislikes and dress accordingly.

Add all the things that your partner likes to be called. Sweetheart, my life etc…… Make proper preparations for the the day well in advance. Be well prepared with responses, a yes and a no. Use proper voice modulation when you propose and be in the requisition mod.

You can hold her/his hand and express your feelings of love for your partner. You can bend on your knees with a bouquet of flowers to express your feelings. You can gift her diamond ring as a mark of your proposal.

If he/she accepts your proposal nothing like it. Enjoy your jolly days together in life.

Remember she/he is the end of anything if they don’t accept. So be well prepared to hear a no from their side and life continues to be as normal as ever, even if they don’t accept.

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