How to Shave Your Legs

How to Shave Your Legs

How to Shave Your Legs - How to Remove Leg Hair - How Do you Shave your Legs » How to shave your legsFollow the step-by step method given here to get hairless attractive legs and get ready for summer.

Step-1 Always start with a warm water treatment. It softens the skin and hair. Remember your chances of having a cut or leaving a spot unshaved are much more when you shave cold legs as the skin and hair is hard. Now, who wants to have that ugly look of a cut or an unshaved spot?

Step-2 If it’s going to be your first shave since winter or you have dry skin you must exfoliate your legs.

Slightly scrub your leg with shower gel, using a poof in circulatory motion. It helps loosen ingrown hair, raises up the hair to be cut and above all it removes the dead skin.

Step-3 Lather your legs with shaving cream. There is a very wide option of creams available these days. Choose one that is specially formulated for sensitive or dry skin.

Generally such creams have an element of aloe or an alternative to offer a soothing shave.

In the absence of a shaving cream you may use a shower gel or a hair shampoo. Apply a thin coat to cover your legs, from foot to hip.

Step-4 Raise the level of your leg to be shaved by supporting your foot on a stool or on the edge of the bath tub. Start to shave from the top of your foot. This need not be shaved as often as your legs perhaps.

Take care as this part has thin skin. Keeping you foot in the same position and appropriately bending your knee, finish shaving the whole of the leg.

Step-5 Now comes down to your ankle. Using slow, repeated stokes, pull the razor up from the ankle towards knee. Make an effort to make the whole action in one stroke.

Simultaneously, keep shifting the edge of the razor slightly and thus remove all the cream and hair from the lower portion of the leg.

Step-6 It’s very important to keep rinsing the razor frequently by keeping it under running warm water. It prevents hair from getting stuck in between the cutting edges of the blades, thus giving a longer life to your blade too.

Step-7 Now you can shave thigh, using long upward stokes from the knee. Repeat all around the thigh till desired results are obtained.

Step-8 Now you shave the hardest area that is the knee. Be gentle and apply small strokes from all the directions to remove all hair.

Step-9 Repeat the process on the other leg.

Step10 Rinse your legs with warm water.

Step11 See if you can allow the legs to get dried up naturally, else gently pats them dry. Wait for about two hours before applying lotion.

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