How to Solve Acidity Problem

How to Solve Acidity Problem

How to Solve Acidity Problem - Natural Remedies for Acidity Problem - Burning Sensation | Tips on - Find TipsIn acidity, there is an excess secretion of acid within the stomach. Its symptoms are burning sensation in the stomach, dyspepsia, formation of ulcers and heartburn. Here are few natural remedies which will help you to solve your acidity problem.

1. In a cup of water put some chopped mint leaves and boil it. Take this mixture slowly after meals. It will give you an immediate relief from acidity. It is one of the highly beneficial remedy to solve this problem.

2. Take equal amount of ginger powder, black pepper, asafetida, dried mint leaves, coriander seeds, cumin, fennel and common salt, then mix them properly and make a fine powder. Consume one teaspoon of this mixture with water. Take this mixture twice a day after meals.

3. Convert small piece of ginger into pulp then add equal amount of coriander in it and mix them properly. Consume this mixture. It is one of the best natural remedy for this problem.

4. Boil 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water and leave it for overnight. In the morning, strain the mixture then add 1 teaspoon of honey in it and mix them properly. Drink this mixture three times in a day.

5. Mix whole orange juice with roasted cumin seeds then add some salt in it. It will solve your acidity problem within a few hours. It is one of the simple and effective remedy for this problem.
Take 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons honey then mix them properly. Take this mixture before meals. It is very useful natural remedy for acidity problem.

Remember these things: Take you dinner two hours before sleeping time, avoid excessive smoking & alcohol and eat fruits like watermelon, papaya and cucumber.

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