How to Solve Alcoholism Problem

How to Solve Alcoholism Problem

How to Solve Alcoholism Problem - Natural Tips to Solve Alcoholism Problem - Remedies to Solve Alcoholism Problem | Tips on - Find TipsIf somebody can’t resist himself to take frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol, then this situation is called alcoholism. If they continue to drink for long, then it will kill his both physical & mental health. They will not able to resist him for alcohol and totally addicted to it. It will damage your liver and causes various digestive problem. Here are few remedies, which will help you to remove this problem.

Natural tips to solve alcoholism problem:

1. In a glass of buttermilk put 3 tablespoons bitter gourd leaves and mix them properly. Drink this mixture continuously for 30 days. It is very useful remedy to remove alcoholism problem, and also makes your liver & lungs strong and purifying your blood.

2. It is the most effective treatment; build up the body’s nutritional integrity so that it prevent craving for stimulants like drinks, and put you on a juice fast for at least 10 days in the beginning. It will break your drinking habit. You can eat several meals in a day instead three large ones. Outdoor physical exercises and rest are very essential for this treatment.

3. Mix half a glass raw celery juice with an equal amount of water. Take this mixture daily for a period of one month. It is one of the best treatments for this problem.

4. Take 5 rub dates and half glass of water, then mix them well and put it aside for 3 hours. Take this mixture twice in a day for 30 days. It is very beneficial remedy in the treatment of alcoholism and provides you quick relief.

5. Take fruit or vegetable juices and candies or snacks at the time when you feel craving for stimulants. It is one of the simplest and highly beneficial remedy for alcoholism.
You can also take carrot juice when you feel the urge to consume alcohol. It will very useful to reduce the temptation and remove the alcoholism problem.

Remember these things: Avoid fatty and oily foods, try to replace your alcohols with drinks and take proper rest.

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