How to spend Valentines day single

How to spend Valentines day single

How to spend Valentines day single - How To Spend Valentines Day - Ways to Spend Valentines Day | Tips on - Find TipsNot everyone proves to be lucky in love! If you are single and not ready to mingle or ready but not finding anyone or nursing a broken heart after a recent splitting, you might have begun to experience the valentine day blues of spending the alone.

However, it is not necessary that you spend the whole day alone, self pitying with a self consolation card and a box of cocoa chocolates. Do not fall into the hype of valentine day around you. There is much better way of coping up wit the singleton status:

1.) Become a social worker for that day. Join charitable organisations. Volunteer to help the under privileged, poverty struck masses. Help the women who are victims of mental and emotional violence. Understand their plight; it will seem that you are much privileged and better off being single.

2.) If you are not the volunteering type, go and watch a movie at the theatre or rent movies and watch at home with other ‘single’ friends. Better if you do not watch romantic movies, scientific thrillers are good too.

3.) Pass on valentine day cards to close family members and friends who shower their love unconditionally and constantly over you. Smile will reappear on your face seeing them smile!

4.) Hit the nearest pub with friends and have a blast. At any day, it is better that sulking alone at home. Get drunk and enjoy.

5.) Host a little game party at home. Call friends over; spend the night playing games, chatting and gossiping. Talk to each other about individual problems and console them.

Valentine day is just another day of the year. Just because you do not have anyone to love does not mean you are unlovable or cursed. Allow love to take its own course. Till then, sit back and enjoy whatever time you have.

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