How to Start A Business in Canada – Canadian Immigration Program

How to Start A Business in Canada – Canadian Immigration Program

How to Start A Business in Canada – Canadian Immigration Program - How to Establish Business in Canada - Immigrant Investor Program | Tips on - Find TipsAre you an entrepreneur who wants to make it big in Canada? Canada is the favorite destination of all classes of people but the Canadian government is especially friendly to the business immigrants who would help to build Canada into a prosperous nation.

The basic criteria to qualify as a business immigrant to Canada are your ability to invest at least Canadian $ 400,000 in this country or to own and manage business in this lovely country.

According to the Canadian immigration rule, there are three classes of business immigrants – investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. There are three classes of Business Immigration Programs in Canada – the Immigrant Investor Program, the Entrepreneur Program and the Self-employed Person’s Program.

To qualify as an investor immigrant, you must convince the Canadian immigration authorities that you have business experience, have a minimum capital worth Canadian $800,000 that had been obtained legally and you will make Canadian $400,000 worth of investment. You can expect to get back your invested amount without any interest after a period of five years from the Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) who is assigned the task of managing your fund. Your investment is guaranteed by the Canadian provinces who will utilize your money to build their economy and generate jobs.

To migrate to Canada as an entrepreneur you must have business experience. You should have minimum asset worth Canadian $300,000 obtained from legal sources. As a person ready to start a business in Canada, you should respect the business environment of the country and its business rules and regulations.

Self-employed persons
If you want to become a part of the Canadian Self-Employed Person’s Program, you should have relevant experience to enrich the cultural and athletic life of this country. You should be experienced in running a farm and have the intention and ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.

People applying to migrate to Canada as part of its Business Immigration Program could apply for any one of these three categories only. After submitting your application, you could not change the category.

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