How To Stay Young

How To Stay Young

How To Stay Young - Foods To Make You Look Young & Tips To Stay Young and Beautiful » Want To Stay Younger – Natural Food Can Make wonderThere is hardly a single woman on this planet, who does not want to look younger. Since women are exceedingly prone to aging and skin wrinkles, they always try out all possible ways to look younger. However, anti-wrinkle creams and anti-aging stuff cannot provide you any substantial solutions and makes your skin look dull.

If you are also from the same folk, suffering from skin problems due to the use of anti-aging stuffs, it is time to shift to natural food. Majority of skin doctors suggest regular intake of natural food offers a good supplement of necessary minerals and vitamins, which improves the immunity and memory and strengthens the cardiovascular function. Below is given a necessary dietary recommendation to help you.

Egg can give you 72 calories. Regular intake of large egg offers 6.3 grams of high-quality protein and many vital nutrients.

Green tea is one of the essential items that facilitate easy weight loss and at the same time, it boosts up your metabolism by providing necessary nutrients. It offers longer lifespan thereby making you look young. Dietitians also recommend yerba mate, oolong tea, white tea, rooibos (red) tea etc, if green tea is not easily accessible.

Garlic is an anti fungal and anti bacterial compound, which offers a huge volume of health benefits. Allicin, a compound found in garlic helps to combat with body toxins and cancer creating elements. It strengthens the cardiovascular systems with decreasing chance of fat storage and obesity.

Eating grapefruit regularly, results in decrease of the insulin levels and strengthen body’s ability to metabolize sugar.Greek yogurt is free from the water body that deposits on the top of normal yogurt. It removes excessive sugar and lactose and facilitates weight loss.

Avocado lessens the chance of heart disease. It contains monounsaturated fat, which improve your cholesterol and triglycerides from your blood. It makes your skin look younger and alleviates the chances of weight gain.

Peppers are loaded with antioxidants, especially, which are orange, yellow and red in color. They contain the carotenoids, which improves cellular communication in your body, increases immune function, protects the skin from sun damage and diminishes the chances of several kinds of cancer. Carrot, Beet, tomatoes are great supplement of antioxidants and carotenoids in your body.

Almonds are great for your skin and hair. Intake of daily 9 grams of almond provides oleic acid to your body, which is good for the health of your heart as well.

So, wait no more. Chalk out your diet plan today and look younger than your peers.

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