How To Stop Bad Breath Naturally

How To Stop Bad Breath Naturally

How To Stop Bad Breath Naturally - Causes And Effects Of Bad Breath » Stop Bad Breath With Easy Tips To Get Fresh BreathBad breath and halitosis is a common problem which occurs in many people and if this is the problem creating gap between you and your partner then it is high time for you to stop ignoring this problem and find a solution to it quickly.

Regarding bad breath a research has suggested that many women do not want to get close to their spouse because of halitosis or bad breath and their husbands are least concerned about this problem. These women have confessed that the bad smell does not make them feel intimate with their spouse and they want to get away from their husbands at that time.

In western culture kissing is part of their culture and in such cases women have to be extra conscious about this problem. During this survey all the women between the ages of 20-50 years were asked that when their husbands or boyfriends kiss them then how many of them face the problem of halitosis in their husbands?

And you will be shocked to know the answer it was 83% women said yes that their husbands suffer from the bad breath problem and they have to face it. But when the same question was put to their spouse that is their husbands they said that they do not have any such problem regarding bad breath and they hardly ever think about it.

Bad effects of Halitosis

Mainly the close relations are the ones which suffer the most due to bad breath problem like husband and wife, boy friend and girlfriend , the reason being that they are the ones who get up close to smell each other’s breath. During physical intimacy when a husband kisses his wife then the wife is the one who faces the problem of halitosis.

Same way if your colleague in the office is suffering from this problem then you will avoid getting close to him, because sometimes this problem gets so much aggravated that it is difficult for you to deal with it, then the only solution left is avoidance because you cannot tell the person on his face that your are unable to bear the foul smell coming from his / her mouth. That will be so rude.

Reasons for Halitosis

There are many people who do not even get to know that people are avoiding them due to bad breath coming from their mouth. The reason being that the foul smell coming from the mouth is many times not felt by the person who is suffering from this problem, but it is very ha5rd for the person standing in front to bear this smell even for two minutes.

In society etiquettes also bad breath is considered very bad. If you are standing between a group of people and suddenly when you open your mouth people just start making faces or start running away from you then just imagine how you will feel.

Generally people are not so open that they will point out on your face that you are suffering from Halitosis because they do not want to spoil the relationship and do not want to demean you. So it becomes very tough for the sufferer to get to know that he is suffering from bad breath.

Many types of smell can come from the mouth like it can be smell of cigarette or tobacco. In the same way drinking alcohol also creates a typical smell in your breath which pollutes the whole atmosphere as soon as you open your mouth. Pyorrhoea is also one of the reasons for causing bad breath.

There are many more factors which are responsible for teeth and gums diseases and they also cause halitosis. In all cases bad breath arises due to improper hygiene maintained in our mouth. Like if the teeth and tongue are not cleaned properly or some food particles get lodged between uneven dentures, it causes bad breath in our mouth.

Many times eating onion and garlic also creates a foul smell in our mouth and thus our breath starts smelling bad. The reason being, the sulphur content is more in onion and garlic which helps bacteria to grow in our mouth and that is why this bad smell comes from our breath.

Dairy products also help in producing bad smell in our breath. Tea, coffee and citrus juices are also responsible for bad breath, because they are acidic in nature and acidic environment is best for bacteria to proliferate on our mouth.

If you do not brush or clean your mouth with water after eating anything the food particles remaining in our mouth create bad smell. OS it is very important to clean your mouth at least with water after eating, if you cannot brush your teeth after every eating session. Otherwise brushing twice should be made a daily practice, once early in the morning after getting up and secondly before sleeping.

What happens is that the food particles which remain between our teeth, tongue, gums etc. produce a kind of gas which when we open our mouth spreads in the atmosphere. The saliva secreted in our mouth has the tendency to kill these bacteria but when the production of saliva becomes less or our mouth becomes dry these bacteria get ideal environment to grow and produce bad breath.

Remedies to stop bad breath

If you have any dental problem then get it checked immediately with a dentist to stop the problem, otherwise there arm nay mouthwash and lotions available which can be used to remove this problem from your breath.

There are many types of toothpaste which are advertised that they can stop halitosis but they do nothing, even if you will brush your teeth with water and brush then too the food particles will be removed and you will get fresh breath.

Mouth fresheners also give fresh breath and nice smell to your breath. Except for this drinking water many times in a day and cleaning your mouth with water will activate the salivary glands of your mouth and thus will stop halitosis. Along with teeth it is very important to clean your tongue too. If you can leave the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol or eating tobacco then it will be best to get rid of the bad smell and this will bring you closer to your loved ones too.

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