How to Tackle Acne Prone Skin

How to Tackle Acne Prone Skin

How to Tackle Acne Prone Skin - Treatment of Acne - Tips to Prevent acne | Tips on - Find TipsAcne prone skin is a big problem for millions of people, especially teenager, all over the world. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, enlarged pores, redness and excessive oil are the signs of an acne prone skin.

Presences of these things on the skin take off the glow away from skin and can give you horrible nights.

What is Acne?

Acne is the common disorder of skin which usually starts during puberty. Acne prone skin is characterized by three factors; presence of surface skin cells in abundance, excess oil (Sebum) is produced from oil producing glands and the presence of Bacteria.

Acne producing bacteria gets mixed with sebum and blocks the hair follicles. It results in inflammation and irritation

Some Tips to Tackle Acne

At first, you must know that, acne is not the curable condition as it results from hormonal activity. But yes, you can control them successfully with little care and timely approach.

Keep your skin clean, to reduce the bacterial activity on the skin. Skin prone to acne is very sensitive, so handle it gently. Avoid harsh rubbing and scrubbing of the skin as it can lead to secretion of oil below the skin and hence breakout of pimple.

Use warm water and a mild soap to wash your face at least twice a day and then softly pat dry it. If you have oily hair, wash them daily as a part of treatment of acne.

How to Prevent Acne

To prevent acne, you must keep your skin clean. While washing the face, use circular motion and avoid over washing. After washing, apply some mild medicated moisturizer to control the bacteria and oil. Avoid scratching of pimple as it can lead the pimple deep into the skin, infection and even scarring.

Avoid touching your face repeatedly as it spreads bacteria and infection. Always use make up of good quality and remove it properly before going to bed at night. Stay away from excess exposure to sun light as it leads to more sebum production.

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