How to Tackle Indecent Proposal at Work

How to Tackle Indecent Proposal at Work

How to Tackle Indecent Proposal at Work - Guidelines to Tackle Indecent Proposal at Work - Indecent Proposal at Work - How to Handle Men at Work | Tips on - Find TipsToday women have made a separate identity in every field. They are no longer just a pawn in the hands of men. They have very rightly proved their worth in every sphere of life and existence. However, even today, the society does not spare her. She is still a victim to the atrocities of this men’s world. Thus, it is no credit to be independent and just survive here instead the credit is how you handle these men and still survive with your head held high.

Your work place is no exception. You always need to stay cautious and take every step very carefully so that your intentions are not questioned. People are always alert and on their feet to grab an opportunity to downsize you. It is completely on you as to how you will handle the situation as it becomes tough to predict a remedy, by staying out of the matter. Experience is the best friend and will soon learn to tackle such situations with the passage of time. However, I would try to provide you certain guidelines, especially for those who will step into the corporate world for the first time with respect to this matter.

Stay Calm: Do not react suddenly when a colleague or a peer hints you for some indecent acts that you do not approve of. Keep your cool and handle the situation properly. Instant reaction will make the matter even worse. However, make it clear that you do not entertain such audacities.

Be firm: Avoid being rude, excessively unless it is required. However, do not be timid. Be very firm while you disapprove of your colleague’s behavior. Your attitude should make it clear to him that if there is a next time to such acts you will be bound to take severe actions.

Avoid spoiling a relation: These are petty matters at work and needs to be handled tactfully. Do not spoil your relationship with the concerned person if you know that he is important in your career. However, you should know where to draw the as now his nature is clear to you.

Take Actions: If you see that the person is intolerable and you cannot avoid him in such case you have no choice but to bring it into the notice of your HR department. Your complain will receive its due weightage

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