How to Take Care of Leather Shoes

How to Take Care of Leather Shoes

How to Take Care of Leather Shoes - Tips to Take Care of Leather Shoes - Care for your Leather Shoes - Taking Care of Leather Shoes | Tips on - Find TipsThere is no doubt that leather shoes look absolutely a class apart. Besides being expensive leather shoes demand good care. But to make them look spic forever you have to mind even the slightest minutiae. Taking care of leather shoes is an easy task but you only need to be careful. Below are given some of the handy tips on how to keep leather shoes looking good. Read on to know more.

Treating Fungus

If your leather shoe has got fungus growth, the best you can do is use old tooth brushes dipped in soap solution and gently scrub away the fungus. Once you are done with brushing on the affected area, leave the shoes under the fan or more suitably in the sun to dry. As a precautionary measure always wear glove while treating fungus on leather shoes.

Storing Leather Shoes

As soon you take off the shoe do not keep them away. Let them get dried of sweat first; this will make them not to get attacked by fungus or smell bad. Having done that, now you need to stuff newspaper in the shoes so that it does not lose its shape. Always keep the shoe in a cloth bag and then put them in a box.

Regular Polishing

Polishing leather shoes once a while keeps them looking good. But for polishing you need to keep certain things in mind. Always begin with dusting the dirt on the shoe with a soft piece of cloth. Then apply polish evenly and brush gently all sides. It is also important that the polish you use is of good quality. Since leather shoes are expensive one should buy a polish of the same standard. Do not compromise on the quality of the polish.

Avoid Leather Shoes during Monsoon

Monsoon is not good for your leather shoes. During this season when the wet mud sticks to your shoe it spoils the shine and dries up to form plod on them.

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