How to Take Care of your Computer

How to Take Care of your Computer

How to Take Care of your Computer - Computer Care - How to Clean your Computer | Tips on - Find TipsYour PC is one of your priced possessions. And taking care of them is one of your prime responsibilities. First and foremost is the cleaning of all the parts regularly without interfering with the connections. This will ensure a healthy working of the computer.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Get the AMC done and that too essentially. Some companies offer free or complimentary AMC for the first two years of purchase of your machine.
However, get it done by paying a nominal amount to the company. This ensures complete safety of computer’s hardware and software and hence you can work peacefully, without getting tense about it.


Some people avoid the installation of UPS to save upon the cost. However, they overlook the complications arising out of it. In case of sudden power failure, all your work can get erased.


Install original anti-virus software without fail, because sometimes your computer can catch virus from an infected site on the net. So to avoid the virus-attack always be prepared to fight it back, because if your computer gets infected then all your valuable data may get eroded.

Only relevant Software

When you go for installation of software then install original and relevant software only.

This will give you the advantage of more space, and hence faster computer workings.

Be careful

Don’t just open any site on the net. This can infect your computer with virus. All your information can get infested and may create obstacles in efficient working of the computer.

Disallow multiple users

Your pen, your car and your computer should be handled by you and your partner only. Multiple users can create disorders in the computer, disrupting the absolute working of the computer. It’s always better to say no beforehand, than to create complications and suffer later on.

Distance from the wall

The computer should not be in direct contact with the wall. Some distance will help you take care of the computer problem faster and more efficiently. The heat generated should also get some exit point.

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