How to Take Care of Yourself During Winter

How to Take Care of Yourself During Winter

How to Take Care of Yourself During Winter - Best Way to Get Rid of a Hang Over - Party Snacks » How to take care of yourself in part seasonCertainly with the onset of winters, you get soaked in luxuries parties, weddings and lot of celebrations and festivities. We all know that parties without the element of dancing are certainly incomplete in every way. So to survive that salsa, undoubtedly you need to have lot of stamina so that it can keep you kicking and swinging to your favorite tunes. Read the article below that will help you to take care of yourself during this party season.

Always keep in mind that bingeing on oily snacks during parties hardly does any good to your body. Instead have handful of dry fruits like pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds which are not only low in calories but are instant energy boosters too.

Make sure you increase the intake of soy and diary products like milk, cheese etc during the party season. This is because diary products help in oiling your body internally. Also these products are rich in proteins and calcium content which are required by your body for its normal functioning and growth. Diary products also give you tremendous amount of energy.

Include whole wheat chapattis with gur in your diet. Gur is low in calories plus a great energy booster for your body. You can take dry coated chana and gur, at least ten a day, every morning or whenever you feel yourself flagging.

Thinking about the best way to get rid of hangover? Drink lemon juice! Many of us believe that having a cup of coffee will help in getting rid of hangover. But that’s not the truth at all. Coffee being a diuretic, always results in dehydration.

To get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles, refrigerate the used tea bags and place them on your eyes for sometime. They will cool your eyes.

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