How To Teach Children Manners And Etiquette

How To Teach Children Manners And Etiquette

How To Teach Children Manners And Etiquette - Tips For Teaching Child Manners » Teaching Children Manners And EtiquettesManners and etiquettes play a big role in our daily lives. In fact, their importance is paramount, as it is they that largely distinguish us from the animals and the uncivilized. These are the unwritten codes of conduct that have been carried down over the generations and are considered key elements in helping us develop a social standing in both, life and society.

Hence as parents, it is a very important part of our job to try to inculcate and instil these beneficial behaviourisms in our child’s growth and development. Children may be very delicate and malleable, but they are in no way less persistent or stubborn than any other grown up you know, making this a harrowing task for many parents.

Bad manners a sign of bad parenting?

Imagine you are sitting in your favourite restaurant, enjoying your meal, when suddenly a family with loud, noisy children slides in to the booth next to you. Try as you may, to ignore them, you simply can’t because the children insist on standing in their seats and staring at your food as it finds its way into your mouth. You try to look in the opposite direction, as the children keep misbehaving; gesturing to you, calling you some weird names they think fit you.

Even as the harassed parents keep trying to discipline their children, the loud lewd comments about your hair colour continue. The final straw is when the little one stands on the table and announces that he has pooped in his pants and wants to show the world its proof. And as he tries to remove his diaper, you leave your food and flee, worried that he may just swing his load at you.

No, these children are not out of some ‘Problem child’ movie, rather are the very ordinary everyday children that you may have bumped into at one time or another. How often have you faced a similar situation? Where the children get so out of hand that the parents can do nothing, but helplessly look on and apologize at best. It is no surprise then that bad and lazy parenting, is often considered the reason for such loud and uncouth social behaviour in children.

When and how to start?

Hence, in my opinion it is never too early to start teaching your little one manners. In fact, the earlier you start the more social and amiable your child will become. Basic social principles such as thank you and please should be introduced to your child as soon as possible. Your baby should understand the concept of ‘NO’ by the time he learns to walk. This shall make not just your life, but also your toddler’s life much easier, as he now clearly knows what is socially acceptable and what is not.

The best way to teach your child manners is by repetition. Start with one of the basic manners like thank you and keep repeating it to him when he closes the door, or when he hands you a spoon, or whenever he listens to your request. Seeing you do this, your child realises that thank you is a way of you showing your love for him, and he will want to hear more of it. As a result, he will listen carefully to whatever you tell him to do, and will try to please you as much as possible, just to hear you say thank you.

If you keep repeating these two words often enough, your child will one fine day reward you by saying ‘tat to’ when you offer him water or food. And with this begins his foray into a more polite world. Similarly, if you say please after all the things you ask your child to do, for example, can you close the door please?

Will make your child grasp the meaning of the word and he will learn it quicker than all other words. When your child grows up a bit, say about three-four years old then start teaching him the words excuse me. Again repeating it often, for his benefit will help him grasp its usage and more importantly its meaning. This will ultimately make it easier for him to use the words on his own.

What all to teach him?

The next thing you simply have to teach your child is table manners, as sooner or later he will join you on the table for family meals. Start by scolding him if he is in the habit of throwing cutlery or his food around the table. Don’t let him create a mess of himself and on the table, even though he might look cute doing it. Show him how to eat with a spoon and later with a fork, and keep repeating the names of all cutlery pieces for his benefit.

You also need to teach your child to get along with other children and adjust with their likes and preferences. For example, scold him if you find him playing rough or taking someone else things. Teach him to share his things, by giving his favourite toy to another child in front of him. Return the toy back to him in a while, so that he knows sharing is okay, it doesn’t mean losing something. Also, check him every time you hear him uttering foul language, or even trying to copy it. Tell him, it is wrong and something not even adults should do. Scratching in public and digging in the nose also are a strict no.

And lastly, but most importantly, teach your children to never talk about the privates or the status of their bladder or their potty status in public. Tell them, while these things are not wrong, they should not be discussed in public or even announced. Every time they need to go for one thing or another they should come and tell you quietly or whisper to you. Here you need to remember that nothing will happen overnight, and that persistence and patience is the key to your baby’s heart and his behavior.

To conclude, remember you are your children’s role model. They see you and they want to be like you. So set a good example always. Don’t just preach to them, practice what you preach and your children will learn those very things faster than you can imagine. Always be polite and civil to your children, because you don’t own them and neither do they owe you anything, so don’t talk to them condescendingly or rudely. Teach your kids and tame them, but always do it politely and with loads of love.

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