How to Teach your Child Brushing of Teeth

How to Teach your Child Brushing of Teeth

How to Teach your Child Brushing of Teeth - How to Make Brushing of Teeth Interesting for your Child - Tooth Brushing - Brushing of Teeth | Tips on - Find TipsHere are some ideas, which makes tooth brushing an easier job

Brush together

Brush as family. Make it interesting for the kids. Do extensive brushing, have fun with your loved ones while brushing your teeth. Let your little one brush your teeth and vice-versa.


It is nearly impossible making your two year old brush for even two minutes. Use some sort of timer. Set the alarm and ask your child to follow it as seconds tick by. Keep him curious.

Encourage independence

Even if your child wastes too much toothpaste and makes a mess of it, let him do it. He may not be brushing properly, say leaving out a tooth here and there but still have patience. He will learn by the time. Just brush yourself and make him imitate you. This way he will learn faster.

Tell stories

Use books and videos in which characters brush their teeth. The child will watch that picture and try to do the same when he himself gets to brush.

Keep record

Make a clean teeth tracking chart. Some kids love looking at their performance on paper. Design the timetable on the chart as such that it has a box for each day. Tell your child that every time he or she brushes well, she gets a star on the chart.

Jungle noises

You can turn brushing time into a jungle game. Make your child to copy an animal and put in the brush as soon as he growls. Every time he opens his mouth, you push the brush on to his teeth .This way it becomes like game to him.

The appropriate toothbrush

You can let your child select his toothbrush in the market. Let him stock them as toys if he wants. This way he will identify the brushes as his own.

Relax rules

Sometimes not be very strict towards brushing. Let your child pick up on his own also. He will slowly learn that brushing in morning and at night is a daily routine. If she does it at odd times let it be.

Tell the importance of white teeth

Show the photos of models and actors to your child and tell her that they are so famous because their teeth are sparkling white which comes from daily brushing.

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