How to Tie Windsor Knot

How to Tie Windsor Knot

How to Tie Windsor Knot - Windsor Knot - Process of Tying the Windsor Knot - Method of Tying a Necktie | Tips on - Find TipsWearing a necktie is an important part of formal clothing. However, many of us are unsure about the correct method of tying a necktie. In fact, there is not a single method of tying a necktie. Depending upon the occasion and the characteristics of your shirt collar, there are several different ways of tying the knot. The Windsor knot is an easy and attractive way of tying your necktie.

Windsor knot

During official presentations and job interviews, where it is important for you to project a sense of confidence, the Windsor knot should be your choice of tying the knot of your necktie. This is a wide and thick triangular knot, which should be worn with wide colored shirts. Windsor knot especially suits men with long necks. This knot is suitable only for broad collared shirts and does not look good with narrow collared shirts. The material of the necktie should not be too thick, as an extremely big knot might not look attractive.

Process of tying the Windsor knot

The wide side of the necktie should be on your right side, 12 inches below the narrow end of the necktie. Start with the wide end and cross it over the narrow end to form an X shape.
Now form a loop between the tie and the collar, bringing the wide end up through the loop.
Now put down the wide end over the loop. Pull the wide end beneath the narrow end, pointing to the right.
Now put the wide end back into the loop and again point it to the right from inside the loop.
From the right side, bring the wide end to the left end from across the front.
Pull the wide end once again upward through the loop.
Now bring the wide end down to the front through the loop.
In the last step tighten the knot and draw it up to the center of your shirt’s collar.

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