How to Train a Parrot to Talk

How to Train a Parrot to Talk

How to Train a Parrot to Talk - Training Tips for a Parrot - Tips to Train your Bird to Talk | Tips on - Find TipsMost of the parrots have an ability to talk and mimic human language. Only thing is you have to train them. If you have a young parrot with you then it will be easier for you to train them. This is because young parrots will develop a strong bond with you and they will show great confidence in you. This may help you to train them well. Most of the small parrots will become ready to talk by the age of 4-6 months while the larger parrots become ready by 6-12 months old.

Tips to Train your Parrot to Talk

1. If you are planning to train your parrot to talk then adopt a breed of parrot that is more prone to talk. The words of the smaller species are difficult to under stand while most of the larger species have a clear voice. Male birds have more capacity to mimic human language. African Grey parrot is considered as the king of bird talkers.

2. Start the training from an early age when your bird reaches 4- 6 months old. This will help the birds to learn quickly.

3. Most of the parrots have a clear voice in the morning and evening hours. This is the most appropriate time to teach words. So train your bird in the morning or evening.

4. Before starting the training allow your bird to sit with your family when the family members gather for their routine conversations. Thus the pet will get accustomed to the language. Now when you start the training remove all other distractions from the room and sit alone with your pet. Also hold your pet in front of your face so that you will get her attention.

5. Teach a single word at a time and repeat the word several times. If you are teaching a word peanut then show your bird a peanut every time you use the word. Try to give to give expressions while teaching words so that your pet will get the meaning clearly.

6. Only after your bird has completely learned the first word, teach him the second word. Never mix up the words as it may leads to confusion.

7. When the bird starts to repeat the word, then give him a good treat which makes him happy to repeat the word.

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