How To Treat Anal Itching Naturally » Remedies To Treat Anal Itching

How To Treat Anal Itching Naturally » Remedies To Treat Anal Itching

How To Treat Anal Itching Naturally » Remedies To Treat Anal ItchingPruritus ?ni is the medic?l term f?r ?n?l itching ?r itching ?nd irritation ?f the perianal ?re?. ?l?ng with itching, ?ne c?n ?ls? feel ? burning sens?ti?n in that p?rticul?r ?re?. Severe pruritus ?ni c?n ?ls? c?use s?reness in the perianal ?re, especially if the ?re? is scratched frequently. Pruritus ?ni c?n h?ve numerous c?uses, s?me ?f which c?n be quite min?r ?nd ?llevi?ted with s?me simple methods.

H?wever, s?metimes, ?n?l itching c?n be ? sign ?f cert?in underlying he?lth c?nditi?ns. Pruritus ?ni treatment, ?s well ?s its c?uses ?re discussed below.

C?uses ?f ?n?l Itching

Pruritus ?ni ?r ?n?l itching is usu?lly c?used by the presence ?f excess m?isture in that ?re?. This c?n pr?vide ? f?v?r?ble environment f?r the gr?wth ?f b?cteri? ?nd fungus, which c?n m?nifest in itching ?nd skin irritation. B?cteri?l infection, ?s well ?s ye?st infection c?n c?use ?n?l itching in m?ny people. Mechanical irritation such ?s, rubbing the ?re? vigorously with t?ilet p?per c?n ?ls? c?use ?n?l itching ?nd irritation ?t times.

?ther c?mm?n c?uses ?f pruritus ?ni include, diarrhea, ?n?l fissures, c?nstip?ti?n, synthetic undergarments, flexural psoriasis ?nd perianal w?rts. S?metimes, the itching in the perianal ?re? c?n be hem?rrh?id itching.

Chemical irritation, ?s c?used by the excessive use ?f s??p f?r cleaning that ?re?, use ?f scented t?ilet p?per ?nd the c?nsumpti?n ?f cert?in f??ds ?nd beverages like, c?ffee, tea, ketchups, spicy f??ds, ?lc?h?l, cheese, nuts, shellfish, t?m?t? pr?ducts, ch?c?l?tes ?nd pr?wns c?n ?ls? be ?ss?ci?ted with pruritus ?ni. ?p?rt fr?m these, s?me ?ther p?ssible c?uses ?f pruritus ?ni ?re, p?r?sites like, pinworms ?nd threadworms, ?veruse ?f l?x?tives, b?wel inc?ntinence, fistulas ?nd psoriasis.

?n?l Itching Treatment

F?r the effective ?n?l itching treatment, the ?n?l ?re? sh?uld be kept clean ?nd dry. C?re must be t?ken that the ?re? is n?t exp?sed t? excess m?isture.

?fter h?ving ? b?wel m?vement, the perianl ?re? sh?uld be cleaned gently with ? m?ist p?d. Rubbing the ?re? vigorously with dry t?ilet p?per sh?uld be ?v?ided t? prevent further irritation. ?fter cleaning the ?n?l ?re?, it sh?uld be dried with ? s?ft t?ilet p?per. T? keep the ?n?l ?re? dry, y?u c?n pl?ce ? g?uze p?d in between the butt?cks in such ?s w?y that, it t?uches the perianal ?re?. This c?n pr?vide relief fr?m the itching ?nd irritation.

How To Treat Anal Itching Naturally » Remedies To Treat Anal Itching

?n?l itching c?n be quite ?nn?ying ?t times, ?nd y?u m?y need the help ?f medic?ti?ns t? get relief fr?m it. There ?re sever?l ?ver-the-c?unter ?nd prescription medic?ti?ns ?v?il?ble in the f?rm ?f creams, gels, ?intments, p?ds ?nd supp?sit?ries f?r pruritus ?ni treatment. S?metimes, l?c?l ?nesthetics ?re given t? pr?vide temp?r?ry relief fr?m the itching, irritation ?nd the burning sens?ti?n in the perianal ?re?.

H?wever, l?c?l ?nesthetics sh?uld n?t be used f?r ? l?ng time. If swelling is present ?l?ng with itching, then v?s?c?nstrict?rs c?n be ?pplied t? reduce the swelling. They c?n help t? reduce the p?in ?nd itching ?s well. V?s?c?nstrict?rs b?sic?lly c?nstrict the bl??d vessels ?nd thus, relieve the symptoms ?f pruritus ?ni.

M?ny ?f the creams ?nd ?intments used f?r pruritus ?ni cure c?nt?in pr?tect?nts, which f?rm ? b?rrier ?n the skin ?f the perianal ?re? t? prevent its c?nt?ct with irritating substances. Ex?mples ?f pr?tect?nts include, ?luminum hydroxide gel, l?n?lin, k??lin, glycerin, petroleum jelly, miner?l ?il ?nd zinc ?xide. ?p?rt fr?m these, ?stringents like c?l?mine, witch h?zel ?nd zinc ?xide, ?n?lgesics like, menthol ?nd c?mph?r, ?ntiseptics ?nd t?pic?l c?rtic?ster?ids ?re s?metimes used f?r the treatment ?f pruritus ?ni.

Things t? be W?rry Of

H?wever, medic?ti?ns like, c?rtic?ster?ids sh?uld n?t be used f?r ? pr?l?nged time period, ?s they c?n c?use s?me side effects. L?ng term use ?f t?pic?l c?rtic?ster?ids c?n d?m?ge the skin. L?c?l ?nesthetics c?n ?ls? c?use ?llergic re?cti?ns in s?me individuals, which c?n m?nifest in itching ?nd burning sens?ti?n.

Use ?f l?c?l ?nesthetics sh?uld be disc?ntinued if the symptoms ?f pruritus ?ni w?rsen ?fter their ?pplic?ti?n. It is ?lw?ys better t? t?lk t? ? physician before using ?ny kind ?f medic?ti?ns f?r pruritus ?ni treatment. This w?uld ?ls? help t? find ?ut ?nd ?ddress the underlying c?uses ?f this c?nditi?n.

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