How to Treat Blisters

How to Treat Blisters

How to Treat Blisters - How to Treat Fire Injury - How to Treat Fire Burns - How to Treat Burn Injury | Tips on - Find TipsIn this series, useful information will be provided on what to do in a situation if someone suffers from fire injury or fire burns and how to treat blisters

If the blisters have not emerged from the fire burns then place the burned potion in cold water. If the blisters have appeared then don’t try to puncture them. In case blisters do get puncture then boil the water and let it stay cool. Afterwards, put little quantity of antiseptic solution in the water and clean it very cautiously.

Don’t put any sought of ink or colour on the burned skin. After the subsidization of pain, an aspiring tablet can be taken. After the complete cessation of burning sensation, apply antiseptic cream on the affected portion.

Put some amount of boiled Vaseline on a clean cloth, and then put that cloth onto the affected area. Always protect the burned portion of the skin from dust, flies or any sought of contamination.

If from the burned portion, pus, foul smell or fever occurs, and then there is a strong possibility of spread of infection. In this case apply a solution of potassium permanganate or else mix one teaspoon of salt in one litre of water and apply on the burned skin. Remove the dead skin very carefully.

It is very important to expose the skin to the air but protect the skin from any contamination.

Give the patient a dosage of penicillin and immediately make the arrangement for giving shots of tetanus injection.

A person can also suffer from shock or fear in case of bad burns, provide your honest sympathy and adequate rest. For reliving pain give paracetamol. By taking bath from the salt mixed water also provides relief. The burned person needs to be given 12 litre of fluid for at least whole one day. No precautions needs to be taken in the consumption of food.

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