How To Treat Jet Lag

How To Treat Jet Lag

How To Treat Jet Lag - Symptoms Of Jet Lag - Preventing Jet Lag » How to Treat Jet LagYou have flown over various time zones and suddenly at the arrival of your destination, you start suffering from the problem of jet lag. Jet lag is a very common problem in people who travel across various time zones, especially East-West, West-East or Transpolar flights.

The result is that you are unable to spend quality time in your destination as the majority of time gets consumed by dealing with symptoms of jet lag which include disorientation, fatigue, headache, swollen limbs and eyes, and irregular bowels. Given below are some tips which can help you to deal with jet lag and its associated problems.

To prevent jet lag, you need to prepare your body in advance for the fluctuation in time zones. How do you do that? Very simple- through exercise, diet, sleep and relaxation. The excitement of undertaking a journey should not give you sleepless nights as proper sleep before a flight is essential to keep your body strong and prepared.

Also, during journey, you should keep yourself well hydrated through adequate intake of water. Usually, the dry atmosphere of the plane has a tendency to frequently dehydrate the body. Thus, drinking water at regular intervals is a must. Strictly avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol and sleeping pills as they have been found to slow down your time zone adjustment.

According to scientists, the body’s internal clock is influenced by the secretion of amino-acid derivative hormone, Melatonin, which gets made in the body as a response to lack of light. This in turn makes a person go asleep. Thus, to help your body adjust to different time zones quickly, you need to understand the healthy relationship between light and melatonin.

According to scientists and medical research, exposing yourself to sun in the day can help inhibit melatonin production. This in turn helps in adjustment of the body to different time zones. By following these tips, you can easily travel tension free and enjoy your destination without the fear of jet lag.

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