How To Treat Sexual Dysfunction In Women

How To Treat Sexual Dysfunction In Women

How To Treat Sexual Dysfunction In Women - Natural Remedies for Sexual Dysfunction in WomenSexual dysfunction in women is a health condition where a woman fails to reciprocate sexual needs of her partner. The problem arises when a man is dissatisfied because her woman does not like to have sex. Sexually handicapped women do not feel the urge to have sexual intercourse. There maybe various causes of sexual problems in women- physical, and psychological.

Physical causes of sexual dysfunction in women is due to health illnesses like diabetes, neurological disorders, hormonal changes or imbalance, kidney or lung failures and many more. These adverse conditions have a great impact on a woman’s sexual desire making it absolutely null and void. Many women take anti depressants or aspirins regularly that hamper their sexual drive.

The psychological causes for sexual dysfunction in women can occur due to overwork in office, too much anxiety and tension at home, unable to cope up with family and work pressures. Problems in marriage causing set back emotionally are one of the main causes of sexual problems in women. Women who have been raped or sexually abused as a child have a huge impact on their sex life later. It is traumatic for them to overcome the heinous crime and lead a normal healthy sex life with their husbands.

Affect of Sexual Dysfunction in women

No desire to have sex

Like mentioned before, women with sexual dysfunction are deficient in the desire or need to have any sexual relationship with a man. There are many reasons already pointed out above that cause such a problem like cancer, depression or axiety. Sometimes women feel monotonous and boring about having sex the way everyday, which disinterests them in their partners.

Failing to get excited about sex

Foreplay is a very crucial part of sex, which means to excite or arouse your partner to have sex. Sometimes, women fail to get aroused or equally passionate to have sex with their partners. Often women with such a problem lie to their husbands and have a regular sex life without the fire or urge.

Orgasm Deficiency

Orgasm is what women experience during the climax of the sexual intercourse. Failing to feel satisfied after great sex is called orgasm deficiency. Many a times it is the unawareness or inexperience that can cause such a deficiency in women. Many medicines and diseases suck the power to feel the arousal or orgasm.

Sexual Intercourse Hurts

When a women complains of pain while sexual intercourse, it is an alarming sign of Sexual dysfunction in women. It can be caused by many issues like cysts in the vagina, no lubrication, endometriosis and post surgery. Vaginal infections and diseases transmitted by sex like HIV can also hamper a woman’s sex drive.

There are many natural remedies to cure Sexual Dysfunction in women such as:

Importance of avocados in the treatment for sexual dysfunction

Avocado is a great home remedy to overcome the sexual dysfunction in women. It is a great source of nutrients that release hormone to increase the libido or sexual desire in a woman.

DHEA rich food

DHEA or Dehydroepiandosterone, a very helpful hormone released by the adrenal gland is the best home remedy for curing Sexual Dysfunction in women. Consume DHEA rich food and supplements like wild yams and Soya beans. The quantity of DHEA decreases with age hence; old people lose the desire to have sex. DHEA is made into estrogen and testosterone in a woman’s body that helps to boost the sexual needs.

Gingko, a Chinese herb

This ancient Chinese herb is useful to treat many disorders in human beings such as breathing problems, thinking disabilities and neurotic disorders. Many researches have proven that Gingko is very helpful in treating sexual problems in women. However, studies are still on to conclude.

L-arginine treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

It is believed that L-arginine, a type of amino acid is very essential for the body. It helps to release nitric oxide aiding the blood vessels to relax and enabling smooth flow of blood to the arteries of the heart. Studies show that L-arginine is also used to treat Sexual disorders in women.

Horny Goat Weed cure for sexual dysfunction in women

Researchers have proven that Horny Goat weed has the quality of being an aphrodisiac. When eaten, it increases the level of nitric oxide in the body that relaxes the muscles and body for better flow of blood throughout the body increasing the libido of women.

Damiana home remedy

Damiana, an herb found in Central America is known to have aphrodisiac qualities doing a great job in increasing the sexual desires in women. However it has not been proven by scientists but studies are still on.

Wild ham treatment

Wild ham is believed to be a natural source of steroid that boosts the sexual libido encouraging a woman to have more sex. Increase in the sexual desires and providing necessary spark and energy for making love to your partner are the benefits of Wild ham.

Have a healthy sexual dysfunction diet

Consult your doctor and get a diet chart made. It is advised to have healthy balanced food nutrients and vitamins especially Vitamin C. Do not forget to include eggs, olive oil and sesame oil in your diet. Wheat, pumpkin seeds and nuts are also important for treating sexual dysfunction in women.

Avoid anxiety

Too much stress at work or home can kill the sexual needs. You are so tired at the end of the day that all you think about is to have a goodnight sleep. For any marriage or relationship to sustain, sex plays a great role. Therefore, avoid getting over worked for a healthy sex life. When you are not tired and have time for your partner, you will automatically feel the need to be with him and love to spend time having sex.

Above mentioned are some of the natural remedies for treating sexual dysfunction in women. However, one needs to seek medical help to incorporate medicines with the natural remedies for efficient and fast recovery. Have a great sex life!

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