How to Treat Shoe Bites

How to Treat Shoe Bites

How to Treat Shoe Bites - Tips to Prevent Shoe Bites - Remedy for Shoe Bites - How to Avoid Shoe Bites | Tips on - Find TipsWearing a new shoe can also be painful at times as they are very likely to cause show bites. You should always be very cautious about the leather being used to make the shoes you select. Too many show blisters can distort the look of your feet as they leave horrible black marks at times. Thus, always try to avoid such shoe bites. Some of the precautions you can take in order to prevent shoe bites are:

Choose your foot wear very carefully. If your foot skin is sensitive, try to use shoes made of good quality leathers. This will help you to prevent shoe bites.

You should also make sure that you choose the perfect size for you and do not go for ill fitted shoes. Tight footwear can be a major cause for shoe bites.

Always get your feet wet and wipe it off before you wear a pair of new shoes. This will keep your feet soft for some time and will prevent it from being effected with the hard leather of your new shoes.

Another remedy is to apply petroleum jelly on the inner surface of your shoe overnight and wash it off the next day before you wear it. This will soften the hard crust inside your shoe and will make you feel comfortable when you wear it.

You can apply coconut oil or castor oil on the inner surface of your new shoe for two to three nights constantly before you start using it. This will help in loosening the surface and will give you a sense of relief when you wear it.

Let your feet breath whenever possible. Open your shoes and relax when are sitting at your work desk. This will help the skin of your feet to breathe fresh air and will thus prevent shoe bites.

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