How to Trim a Bird's Wings

How to Trim a Bird's Wings

How to Trim a BirdTrimming of the wings is an easy process if carried out properly. Trimming will help you to prevent your bird from flying away. Sometimes your pets get scared of the cat or dog and fly away from your home. Then it will be difficult for you to find them. Trimming of wings will prevent them from flying to a long distance while at the same time allow them to fly up to their cage and keep them safe. Here are some tips to cut the wings.

Tips to Cut the Wings

1. Ask your veterinarian to show you the technique of cutting the wings. Extend to which wing needs to be cut depends on the size and strength of the bird. Once you get training then you can do it by your self at your home.

2. You must take help from somebody else to trim the wings nicely. All you need is a sharp scissors and soft towel.

3. Take your bird to a quiet room where there is no disturbance. Wrap your bird in a towel which may help you to protect your fingers from your bird’s claws and beak. This will also help the bird to relax by chewing the towel while cutting the wings. While wrapping the bird allow one of its wings to come out. Hold the bird gentle with out hurting its chest and stomach as it may cause respiratory problems. Keep the bird on its back and hold the bird with one hand and use the other hand to hold the head so that you can prevent it from biting.

4. There will be long feathers on its wings which are called primary flight feathers and there will be small feathers over lapping the primary flight feathers and are called primary flight covert. Primary flight covert will remain as a guide line for trimming the flight feathers. Cut the primary flight feather by leaving the top two feathers and cut them just behind the primary flight covert.

5. While trimming the feathers care should be taken to avoid the newly developing blood feathers as it may cause bleeding. If you accidentally cut the blood feathers then it will be better to pluck it from the base using tweezers as it may help you to stop the bleeding.

6. Make sure that you are cutting both the wings symmetrically with equally number of feathers. Other wise the bird may lose its equilibrium.

7. Never forget to give your bird a good treat after finishing the trimming.

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