How to Turn Down a Marriage Proposal Gracefully

How to Turn Down a Marriage Proposal Gracefully

How to Turn Down a Marriage Proposal Gracefully - Marriage Proposals - Way to Turn Down a Marriage Proposal » How to turn down a marriage proposalHey girls and guys do you often get confused about the various marriage proposals that your parents often ask you to consider? Do you a really get annoyed and irritated thinking about the perfect ways for turning down such marriage proposals? Well then don’t think much, just gather your courage and apply the ways written below so that marriage proposal can be turned down by you in a graceful manner.

If possible talk to the other person face to face. Try to be as much honest and firm as possible. Don’t even try to lie or fudge the truth. it might be possible that the other person involved love something in you, so at least you should do is stand tall with integrity and tell the truth to the other person involved.

If you find that the other person isn’t able to listen to you face to face. Write to him and express your true feelings. Sometimes, the written words help more than the spoken one. It gives you chance to say who you are truly feeling. He may be able to accept it as real. Actually, sometimes writing is the only feasible way of expressing yourself. But proof read it before sending and may be save it as a draft and sleep on it, before submitting.

Make sue that you give yourself time to gather your thoughts before telling other person the truth.

Make sure you don’t laugh when you are asked, especially if you are in no way going to accept the proposal. This reaction from your part can certainly confuse the other person and he can take it as an affirmative response from your side, so be careful in your expressions.

Hope the above ways helps you in turning down the marriage proposal gracefully.

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