How To Understand A Woman’s Needs

How To Understand A Woman’s Needs

How To Understand A Woman’s Needs - Tips to Improve Your Relationship » How To Understand A Woman’s NeedsAccording to most men, women are complex creatures that they don’t understand. This article is intended to help men gain a better understanding of what a woman needs, so that they can treat her accordingly.

A woman needs to be heard and to feel that you are really listening and understanding what she is saying when she wants to speak to you. This is especially so when she has a problem and would like to feel she has a friend in you who will listen to her and understand her. Then she feels secure in the knowledge that you take her to be as important to you as you are to her. That makes her feel loved and cared for.

A woman needs to be loved as much as men need to feel honored and respected. If she feels loved, she will become more and more comfortable with you and of course love you more and more too. Her needs may seem childlike, but a woman really does need your love and attention.

Women need your attention in the form of loving gestures. Sending a text message saying something sweet like a simple ‘I love you’ will show her that you are thinking of her. These little things will have a great positive impact on your relationship. Pay her more attention this way and see your relationship bloom.

A woman also goes through physical experiences and processes that men do not. We for example, could never have any idea what it feels like to go through pregnancy and childbirth even if it was explained to us all day. There are also things like the menstrual cycle, which causes a change in hormonal balance that may cause mood swings that we cannot understand; we may throw up our hands at this. Being understanding during such changes will mean that you will be appreciated. Lie low if you have to, but don’t get into fights and quarrels even though it seems she’s spoiling for one.

Help; volunteering to make dinner, help in cleaning up afterward or taking over the kids on Saturday afternoon giving her some time to herself will help.

Bottom line, we can’t live with them but it’s certainly harder to live without them, so try your best and understand.

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