How to use Yoghurt for Skin Treatment

How to use Yoghurt for Skin Treatment

How to use Yoghurt for Skin Treatment - Natural Skin Cleanser - Yoghurt Skin Treatment | Tips on - Find TipsDo you often visit spas and salons for skin treatment? Well, in that case you must be aware of the huge expenses of those places. If you ask me I would suggest you to try out some real effective treatment at a very low cost at home. I am sure after this you will stop wasting so much of money at such expensive places.

Yoghurt is a natural skin cleanser. You can always do some wonderful skin treatment using it at home. Yoghurt has a natural quality of keeping your facial skin bright and glowing. Today I will share some tips to help your utilize the real qualities of yoghurt.

Use yoghurt to remove makeup from your face. Face loaded with makeup? The best remedy is yoghurt. Take some yoghurt in a bowl. Make sure that the yoghurt is in room temperature. Store it outside the refrigerator for a moderate period to bring it down to room temperature. Use a spatula to blend it well. Apply it on your face and massage it well with light hands. Let the yoghurt sit on your face and then wipe it off with a tissue.

Yoghurt can also be an effective toner. Use yoghurt at room temperature or you can also warm it a little to get a nicer feeling. Apply it on your face after cleansing it and leave it for some time. Wash it off with cold water and apply a moisturizer immediately.

Yoghurt and tomato can be a wonderful remedy against suntan. Make a face pack at home using half a cup of yoghurt and half a tomato pulp. Blend it well and also add some rose water to it in order to get a refreshing effect. Apply it on your face and leave it for some time. It is sure to help you get rid of suntan.

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