How to Wear Contact Lenses

How to Wear Contact Lenses

How to Wear Contact Lenses - Tips to Wear A Contact Lens - How to Care Contact Lenses | Tips on - Find TipsContact Lenses

Eyes are precious and everybody is keen to take care of their eye. Normally people prefer the way they look with out a glass. Some people might not be comfortable to use spectacles as their working environment won’t allow it. In such cases contact lenses are a solution which gives an active life style and a vision close to natural.

1.Tips to Wear a Contact Lens

1. 1. Visit your doctor and have a complete eye examination before using the lenses and follow the routine check ups as prescribed by the doctor
1.2. Make sure that the contact lenses don’t have calcium build ups, as it causes irritation to the eyes. For this soak the lenses in cleansing solution for 4-6 hours so that any build ups in the lens will get loosen. After soaking rinse them in saline solution thoroughly and check for scratches
1.3. Different types of lenses require different types of cleansing solutions and different types of disinfection procedures. So follow the instructions given by your doctor
1.4. Purchase the solution only if the seal is not open and check the expiry date before use
1.5. Keep the solution in a cool dry place and out of reach of children
1.6. Be careful if the solution is allergic and do not mix solutions if not prescribed
1.7. Clean, rinse and disinfect the lenses before and after the use
1.8. Wash your hands before applying and removing the lenses. Avoid overly scented or oily soaps and products containing lanolin
1.9. Shake the lenses case gently before picking them as it helps to avoid damage.
1.10. Place the lens on your finger and hold it directly in front of the eyes by looking at the side. If a ‘U’ is formed, that is the correct position
1.11. Place the first contact lens in the same eye to avoid the mixing up of lenses for right and left eyes
1.12. UV blocking contact lenses are more beneficial as they will protect the eye white from developing growths such as pingueculae and pterygia
1.13. Place your contact lenses before applying eye makeup and be extremely careful, use only non-allergic makeup
1.14. Remove lenses while swimming and sleeping
1.15. Never exchange your lenses with anyone
1.16. Replace the contact lenses regularly and dispose the lenses after the recommended wearing period

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