How To Wear Jeans To Work

How To Wear Jeans To Work

How To Wear Jeans To Work - Tips On Wearing Jeans To Work - Denim For Work » How To Wear Jeans To WorkA casual workplace is often relaxed but this very ease of dressing can open the door to horrible fashion blunders if one doesn’t take care; if you do work in a casual workplace, then you need read our tips how to wear jeans to work and still look professional as these are often the favorite wear of many men.

Moreover if the new-age tradition of ‘casual Friday’ is prevalent in your office too, it can be a real task deciding how to dress casual and professional, so our tips are sure to help.

Beginning with basic casual wear, e.g. if you always wear khaki pants or chinos to work, give a thought to wearing a smart pair of jeans with a well-cut sports coat and a tie (if that is mandatory in your office). Or else, just do it for having a change from the daily routine. With jeans at office, you have more freedom of dressing besides comfort.

If you wear a smart coat with jeans it is likely to fetch you appreciative glances in the office environment, as you will probably impress all those who will see you in your well-fitting jeans and they too may get inspired about wearing jeans themselves. However, don’t wear the old worn-out pair you’ve had for years as this can look tacky.

Dark denim is the best option for you: it looks professional and gives you an elegant look when teamed with formal shoes and blazer, but too light a color of denim ends up looking old-fashioned. So, even if you choose dark jeans with a button fly closure, e.g. like ‘Taylor Jynx, be sure to pick a styles that matches with trendy boots and your sweaters.

You can wear straight leg cuts jeans in office often enough with as many latest footwear options, like loafers to ‘dress shoes’ (e.g. Oxfords). For a classic look, it is advisable to go in for a pair of designer jeans, such as ‘Hugo Boss,’ that offer quality and durability besides traditional straight-leg cuts that look great with modern shoes such as sneakers from ‘Salvatore Ferragamo!’ So, combine cool and comfort at work with dark denims and win the day!

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