How to Write a Poem

How to Write a Poem

How to Write a Poem - Tips for Writing a Poem - Poem Writing - Tips for Writing Poetry | Tips on - Find TipsGet a sheet of paper with pencil or pen. Start writing what ever is going on in your heart whether it is a romantic feeling, sadness, happiness what ever it could be.

If you are writing a poem on love remember your experience in love. If it is about your partner then, remember all the emotional and physical feelings you had for your partner when you met her/him for the first time. Think of all the feelings you had when you saw him/her for the first time. Jot down on a sheet of paper.

If it is about a women’s beauty, try to express this in the most wonderful way. What was your feeling when you saw her, express her eyes, nose, and her lips? Your feelings when your saw her lips, about the way she speaks, about the way she talks, about the way she walks, about the ways she dresses up herself. Make a note about all these things.

If your poem speaks about sex, then put all your own feelings on it. How you felt when you kissed your partner the first time, how you felt when you hugged her the first time, how you felt when you smooched her the first time, how you felt when you had sex with her the first time, her looks,etc. Jot down on a sheet of paper.

If it is about Mother Nature, then express your feelings on her. How she has helped all of us, write about how dependent we are on her for everything, right from our food to shelter. Write about how horrible we have left her by our greed, pollution, etc. Also write about what could happen in a few years down the lane, if we destroy the nature and the natural recourses.

Express these feelings in your heart in the form sentences which end with rhyming words. Structure these in the form of beats and carefully phrase it according to these beats. With every line of the poem your emotions should increase steadily. Your poem is already ready.

If you are a bad writer read a lot of poems you will automatically know how to write poems. This itself is the best way to learn writing the poems.

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