Ideas For Making Beautiful Pillow Covers » Top 4 Pillow Cover Design Ideas

Ideas For Making Beautiful Pillow Covers » Top 4 Pillow Cover Design Ideas

Ideas For Making Beautiful Pillow Covers » Top 4 Pillow Cover Design IdeasPillow covers are a suitable means of disguising the wear and tear that pillows will endure with time. In addition to this, using suitable pillow covers in accordance with the ambience of a room will surely help to enhance the overall appearance of the place.

Of course, there are various kinds of pillow covers which you can buy from an umpteen number of stores. But you should also be aware of the fact that with a little bit of creativity, you can very well design and make your own pillow covers.

Here are 4 simple and easy ways by which you can make new pillow covers as well as spice up the look of a plain old pillow cover.

Pillow Covers Out Of Tablecloths

If you feel that you have used your tablecloth for a very long time, then instead of throwing it away, you can very well convert it into a useable pillow cover. Just see to it that the tablecloth you choose is properly washed and free of any stains. If you have napkin clothes which match the tablecloth, then you can use them for creating small sized throw pillow covers to go with your large ones.

Cotton tablecloths are the best when it comes to pillow cover creation. If your table cloth is lacy and of a see through material, then you may have to double the amount of fabric to be used in making pillow covers. Apart from tablecloths, it is seen that draperies of various fabrics and patterns are another excellent choice for making pillow covers.

Crocheted Doily Pillow Covers

An easy way to make pillow covers is by using crocheted doilies. For this purpose, you can spread 4 doilies side by side in a straight line and then sew their edges together.

Ideas For Making Beautiful Pillow Covers » Top 4 Pillow Cover Design Ideas

The pieces joined together are to be then wrapped around the pillow and should be sewed together to make a pillow cover, which is open at one edge. The open portion of the pillow cover can be then secured using a zipper.

Clothing Converted To Pillow Covers

It may amaze you to know that old clothes can be used for making beautiful pillow covers. Silk scarves are found to be the best suited for this purpose. While using a pre – stitched piece of clothing, then do see to it that additions like buttons and hooks do not show up in the fabric.

If you find that the fabric you choose is inadequate to make a pillow cover, then you can make up for it by adding an extra piece of clothing, in a color which complements the color of the chosen fabric. For instance if you want to make a pillow cover out of a short red silk scarf, then you can add to it a black cloth of a same material, so as to create a double sided pillow cover.

Embellishments For Pillow Covers

Apart from just creating brand new pillow covers, you can also implement your creative talent in embellishing old pillow covers, thus making them look brand new. One method of doing so is to sew on twisted scarves onto the borders of pillow covers. You can also stitch ribbons along the sides of the pillow cover, to give the look of a ruffled edge.

Also, instead of discarding old buttons, you can sew them onto the covers in a creative pattern. You can also use tassels and sequins to add a rich look to plain pillow covers. Thus with the help of the above said easy pillow cover ideas, you can very well create exclusive pillow covers for your personal spaces.

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