Importance Of Postcard Marketing For Business Promotion

Importance Of Postcard Marketing For Business Promotion

Importance Of Postcard Marketing For Business Promotion - How To Use Postcard Marketing To Increase BusinessPostcard marketing is considered as one of best and cost effective ways to market the products and services. This type of marketing has huge impact on the sales and that too, in a short span of time.

Postcard marketing is effective as compared to other types of marketing like mailing letters because postcard is mostly turned over by the user for getting information about the sender.

On the other hand, letters are often thrown in trash without reading them. It has been also observed that very often, people read postcards and keep these with them or pass to other family members and relatives. In a study, it has been found that readership associated with postcards is 100%.

Though postcards are inexpensive, they have an impressive ROI for the business. ROI is impressive because of the fact that name of company or business promoting products is always held in the front. Even many big companies have found postcards as creative and informative and one of best instruments for generating sales.

Through postcard marketing, ample website traffic can be generated and thus, getting sales leads is easy. When new products are launched, marketing budget is normally limited. In such circumstances, postcard marketing can do the trick and increase the sales of products. For increasing number of repeat customer, discounts and coupons can also be issued through postcard marketing. Similarly, postcard marketing is effective in thanking customers and in follow up process.

Some Steps For Making Postcard Marketing Effective

There are certain steps that can be taken for making postcard marketing effective. For example, pictures contained in the postcard must be interesting enough to attract the reader. It is often seen that rather than written notions, photos able to draw the attention of reader quickly. Even message is also passed instantly to the reader through photos used in postcard marketing.

While deciding about the photos, it must be borne in mind that pictures or photos are first stop for any sort of analysis or comprehension and thus, must draw undivided attention of the user. Pictures must be decided on the basis of targeted customers. If target market is such that it likes natural views, same must be contained in the pictures.

Similarly, if the target market like graphs, these can be contained in the pictures. In some cases, like in case of beauty products, target market may like pictures of beautiful models and these must be contained in the postcards. The bottom line towards use of pictures in photograph marketing is that it must make the reader interested.

While going for postcard marketing, it must be ensured that postcards are worth keeping. For example, the material used in postcard must be of good quality that a reader likes to keep it for purpose of bookmark etc. When a postcard is kept, it is read again and again and thus, product gets represented number of times. One fine day, reader may buy the product from the market and thus, purpose is solved.

Similarly, it has been found that postcard containing high resolution photographs are generally liked by people. They like to keep such postcards. It has also been seen that people like to keep ‘expensive looking’ postcards and this aspect must be taken care of. For accomplishing above purpose, it is necessary that an offset printing center with good repute is contacted.

Punch line or the matter contained in the post card must have a considerable effect on the reader. It must be able to evoke a reaction from the reader. Also, the information provided on the postcard must not require any specific knowledge or skill for understanding.

The message must pass on to the reader in a simple way. Within few seconds of reading the postcard, reader must know what postcard is all about. Very often, people make postcard very much elaborative and reader is able to know about the bottom line very late. In most of cases, he throws postcard away and thus, money spent goes waste.

Similarly, postcard must contain right type of encouragements for the readers. In the absence of these, postcards may not serve as an effective tool of marketing.

For an effective postcard marketing campaign, it is also necessary that reader has a targeted mailing list. The constituents of mailing list must form the target market for the given product. Thus, it is necessary that right demographics and locations are covered by way of postcard marketing.

The more targeted the mailing list is, more effective is the response obtained. While preparing the mailing list, it must be ensured that address of a customer is correctly printed or written. Many times, due to incorrect addresses, postcards do not reach the targeted customers and thus, very purpose behind sending them is failed.

Postcard marketing also needs a good distribution strategy. There are many types of distribution strategies available and all of these have to be evaluated on the basis of cost and effectiveness. Many businesses hire local people for placing the postcards in the mailing box of targeted customer’s home. However, this is not the only strategy available.

Postcards can also be placed in racks of various departmental stores. Similarly, these can be attached to various types of distribution and packaging materials. As compared to sending each postcard through post services or through hired people, these strategies are cost effective. It has been seen that visitors of shopping malls and departmental stores are more keen to read the postcards, as they are fond of discounts, gifts etc.

Last but not the least, postcard must provide correct information about the location where advertised products and services are available. One aspect that has to be understood here is that postcards should be mailed or placed only when products are actually available at the given location.

Many times, postcards are mailed before the product is launched and when a prospective customer does not find the products at the advertised location, he becomes upset. This puts a negative impression on the mind of reader and he may not like to use the product. Similarly, there must be proper welcoming arrangements at the advertised location.

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