Important Things to be Kept in Mind When Guests are Coming

Important Things to be Kept in Mind When Guests are Coming

Important Things to be Kept in Mind When Guests are Coming - What to Keep in Mind When Guests are Coming -What to Prepare When Guests are Coming | Tips on - Find Tips1. Keep your house spic and span. This is the first thing which is observed when anybody enters the house. Especially keep your bathroom sparkling white. Like how they say your shoes shows how clean you are? Your bathroom shows how clean your house is?

2. The dress what you wear is also very important. Make sure you are wearing good quality, branded dresses when guests are at home. This shows your standard.

3. If you have called your guest to come for lunch or dinner, ask in advance what they like and cook according to their taste.

4. See how important the guest is for you and then decide whether you want to have a 3 course, 5 courses or 7 course meal for the guest.

5. When you serve make sure that you are using your glass dining set only. Use napkins and all other possible accessories. Heat the food before you serve.

6. Make sure that your A.C, heater is in the proper working condition. This is very important.

7. If they drink alcohol be prepared with the variety they have. Don’t mess up with the glasses. If they drink vodka have vodka glasses. If they drink tequila then have tequila glasses.

8. If they are going to get their kids along with them, be prepared with chocolates, ice creams etc. Let your gift be very thoughtful and be in accordance with their age.

9. The gift you are going to give these kids. Give very educative gifts to the kids in the form of manupulatives such as rhyme c.d’s, crayons, surprise sing, time teacher, cycle, small car etc.

10. Also be prepared with what gift you would give your guest also. Good gifts could be shirts, jackets, good quality shaving foams, hair scents, and good after shave, good variety scents, etc.

11. For the lady you can gift pearl necklace, bracelet, pearl finger rings, stoles, good wine, cell phone, good quality scents, sweaters etc.

12. If you have nothing to give even a good bouquets can serve your purpose of gifting.

In total keep everything including yourself in proper state.

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