Important Tips While Buying New Car

Important Tips While Buying New Car

Important Tips While Buying New Car - Tips for Buying New Car - How to Bargain with Salesperson - Budget for New Car | Tips on - Find Tips

What all you want in your new car?

A car is like second house to us. We spent a good amount of time in our car. Moreover it is an extension of our personality. Look for the technical features, safety, cabin comfort, affordability, color and brand value while buying the car.

Make a budget and stick to it

It is easy to get carried away when buying a new car. The enticing prospect of better performance, more space or extra equipment might lead you to push your budget to breaking point. It is a temptation you would do well to resist. If you borrow more than you can really afford and end up defaulting on repayments, your car could be repossessed. Work out how much you can really afford before you set foot in a showroom and stick to it.

Which fuel

Which fuel? Diesel, petrol or hybrid? Set your priorities. For a similar performance, a diesel may cost you less in fuel bills than petrol but the latter is cheaper to buy. The more miles you drive, the greater the chance that the fuel economy of a diesel will outweigh the higher purchase price.

Bargain or haggle well with salesperson

Don’t be afraid to walk away even if you have spent an hour sitting with a salesman who has done his level best to get you to buy and you have tested the ca, discussed finance and agreed to a price in principle, if you are not sold on the car or the deal , don’t be afraid to walk away. So what if the salesman thinks you are a time-waster? It is your hard-earned money, not his, and you don’t want to spend any of it on something you are not sure about.

Sheer timing is the essence

As the month passes by, salespeople start to get uneasy. Most of them have hefty sales targets and if they fail, they loose valuable bonus entitlements. Time your purchase towards the month end so you get maximum discounts and benefits from the dealer.

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