Impotence- Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Impotence- Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Impotence- Causes, Symptoms & Treatments - Natural Solutions To Male Impotence » Men Suffering From ImpotenceMale Impotence is a global Phenomenon One of the areas in which all men are equal is in their tendency to suffer from impotence. A high percentage of men all over the world, in rich as well as in poor countries, experience this problem. Since impotence adversely affects the quality of life and thereby the development of society as a whole, we need to promote greater awareness about this problem and to either seek a temporary solution or a permanent cure.

Impotence Increases with Age

Except in some rare cases where the relatively young are unable to get a strong erection, the problem of impotence has more to do with age. As one ages, the cardiovascular system also ages and this affects the flow of blood to various organs. Furthermore, problems such as hypertension, which has more to do with stress and the anxieties of daily life, than with age, tend to arise and contribute towards deterioration of the body. Treatments for hypertension usually involve medication that has been proven to affect the libido. As a person ages, he also tends to suffer from other problems that adversely affects the pulmonary system, the digestive system, as well as the reproductive system. The accumulated effects of these deficiencies translate in an overall bodily malfunction resulting in symptoms such as impotence.

Other Causes of Impotence

One of the first recommendations of a competent physician to his patient is to stop smoking. Smoking is such a harmful activity that it interferes with most bodily functions, not only with the pulmonary system. Since the effects of smoking sometimes take years to become apparent, a person who smokes could only experience these effects after prolonged use of tobacco. Meanwhile his reproductive, as well as other systems are being slowly damaged and this damage manifests itself in such symptoms as impotence. To obtain good erections, you should therefore refrain from smoking.

Look for Treatment

The worst thing one can do when experiencing impotence is to suffer in silence. One should be aware that treatments are available that could result in a long lasting solution for the problem of impotence. A competent sex therapist can quickly diagnose the cause of the problem and recommend a course of treatment.

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