Incorrect Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Incorrect Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Incorrect Exercises For Lower Back Pain - Back Pain Exercises - Exercises to Reduce Back Pain | Tips on - Find TipsHere are some exercises to let you know the incorrect exercises that worsen lower back pain. Avoid them.

1. Torso Twists: In this exercise, you sit on a machine and hold handles weighing as much as you can carry. Then you twist from side to side pulling weight from the machine. If not done under supervision, you can suffer from slip disks, spine injuries and muscle tear.

2. Leg Press: The exercise is good for strengthening muscles but many of us put loads of weight, more than we could carry. Doing so will put pressure on the spine and lead to injuries. Better to do one- legged presses and go for lighter weights.

3. Superman: Once upon a time was a very apt exercise for lower back pain, but it has been found that it has chances of ligaments being torn as it puts much compressive forces on the spine. It can also cause slip discs and muscle ruptures.

4. Sit-Ups: A worse exercise for lower back as it works with the hip flexors that other muscles. Attached to the vertebrae of the lower back, stretching the hip flexors will cause more pain than riddance. If done the other way, (stretching when the hands are behind the head), it can pull the cervical spine.

5. Crunches: Infamous for working out a six pack abs, excessive crunches, which many people do, can lead to flexion- chain imbalance. The imbalance will be like your hip will be moving forward whereas the rib cage will be inward. It gives a slum look. This condition increases the lower back pain. Accompanied with crunches are the ‘leg raise’ exercises which work with hip flexors, thus back pain.

6. Low back Extensions: In this exercise, you sit on a machine with a weighted pad at your back. Then you push yourself back to an upright position. This exercise is wrong for lower back as it leads to an overuse of muscles which increases the reason for back pain.

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