Indian Bangles

Indian Bangles

Indian Bangles - Bangles, Gold Bangles, Silver Bangles, Bakelite Bangles, Metallic Bangles » Cool Chic look with big, chunky bangles!Bangles are an essential Indian accessory that has made a surprising splash among other accessories. Think of that cheesy Hindi movie moment when sridevi, in chandni breaks a mathematically –challenged song about number of bangles on her wrist. Bangles, in all shapes and hue have surprisingly made a bold come back this season.

For complementing your linen suits or other western dresses, string of wooden beads forms the best choice. Remember there should be lot of color stacking, don’t try to match the shade of bangles with your outfit. It’s no more in fashion these days. Try to add contrast not only in terms of colors but also in shapes and designs. You can choose square, twisted bangles in metallic colors or matt colors.

We have an amazing heritage of bangles and we can exploit it as much as we can. Big metallic bangles give a Latino look to your outfit. Bronze shade adds a warrior like appeal to you whereas wooden pieces make you look rebellious.

The number of bangles you stack together depends mostly upon the thickness of bangles that you intend to wear. Make sure you do not wear more than two if they are about 2 to 3 inches thick. Otherwise you can stack them up to your elbow provided they are made up of different textures and shapes. No matter whichever number of bangles you wear but make sure you stack them in one hand only leaving the other for a ring or tiny trinkets.

Stay away from matching all the colors of your outfit on your arm. Throw out the bangles together randomly on your wrist plus forgo the use of any bold accessory. Also avoid wearing too many metal or glass bangles as they tend to make noise. Now, what stopping you? Go and have that cool chic look with big, chunky bangles!

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